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You want to bring a reliable and cheap taxi in the city, where it is necessary to have time to time? Contact the Shark!

Shark: a taxi around town cheaply

How difficult it is sometimes to book a taxi ... Yalta - the city rather big, and to have time to where you want on time, today it is necessary to use the fastest means of transportation. And the most convenient one is, of course, the car.

That is why hundreds of our countrymen with you every day seek cheap taxi in the city - online or by more traditional means.

However, with all the abundance of websites, telephone services and other matters, choose a really decent service, which can cause the machine at any time, and that at the same time a taxi was really cheap, not so simple.

At least it was until the Shark Taxi.

Why more and more people are choosing Yalta taxi Shark?

It has long been no secret that if you need to get somewhere quickly and comfortably, choose a taxi: Yalta - city living rough life, and we need to keep this rhythm.

However, if the majority of taxi services, and provide more or less high-quality services, it's about the convenience of ordering think not many. Not everyone even has its own website, the client was able to book a car online.

And remembering phone service, and then another to get through to an operator is often inconvenient (plus who are not faced with the fact that we have to explain exactly where to drive several times ...). And this despite the fact that the low-cost operator services can not be named: they are included in the cost of the trip.

Fortunately, now you can order a taxi in Yalta in the city in just a few seconds. All you need - visit the site Taxi Sharq, on the Apple Store or Play Market - and install on your smartphone firmware application to call the car.

Just try it, how convenient that the program itself will determine your location and selection of the desired class of the machine and the destination requires just a few touches of the screen. Not to mention the fact that a taxi is coming in a few minutes, and the services themselves when canceling a very inexpensive cost. And here you are in a taxi, Yalta sweeps through the windows, and you get closer to your goal the shortest route.

And get used to the application can even someone who is not too good friends with technology and who have never ever book a cheap car online through a website, and via mobile devices.

And - best of all: despite the fact that the taxi Shark in Yalta - a really cheap and affordable pleasure, the company has made every effort to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Thanks to the advanced options, you can always call a cab perfectly suitable, Yalta which will be even more comfortable place to stay. Do you need a car, where you can smoke, a special child seat or the ability to transport a pet in the cabin - not a problem. Suffice it to order the appropriate option.

And, of course, we thought about those whom it is more convenient to call a cheap taxi in Yalta online. Our site at any time of day and night ready to take your order.

To call a cheap car, fill out a form enough. And you can assume that you have already drove expensive taxi driver whose Yalta - the same hometown as well as for you. So, the trip will be quick and pleasant.

And rest assured: thanks to our vast fleet of vehicles, what time of day you would not have ordered a car via the website, it will arrive as quickly as possible.

But if you think. the site of our taxi in Yalta only need to order, you are wrong. It has everything you could need.

Want to learn how to be a cheap trip to the city? You can do this by using the preliminary calculation of the price.

Crave to know the answer to a question tormenting you? The site will respond to them.

Or maybe you want to find work in a taxi in Yalta? Then you - in the section for the drivers. There is everything that you are looking for.

As you can see. reasons to call it Shark set. And no wonder that the citizens of Yalta increasingly choose us. After all, cheap and high quality taxi - this is what you need. And we are ready to give you a truly high-end services cheaply - and with maximum comfort for you.

Direction Cost of
Jubilee fault (per.Chernomorsky, 2) - Medical School (Kirova, 105) 100 rubles
Chekhov Theatre (ul.Ekaterininskaya, 11) - Gaspra 290 rubles
Bus station - TC Confetti (ul.Bolshevistskaya, 10) 135 rubles
Avangard Stadium (ul Biryukova 2A.) - Square Shevchenko (Moscow street, 29-A.) 105 rubles
Бристоль (ул.Рузвельта, 12) - ул. Мира, 30 130 rubles
Pushkin market (Marshak str., 4) - Buffet-Gourmet (per Darsanovsky, 10). 110 rubles

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