Order a taxi in Saki

Even given the fact that today in Saki works at least a dozen taxi services, residents and guests of our city is still a certain reluctance use their services.

For most cars the challenge is still the solution "in extreme cases", and this is not surprising. After all, a company that would offer really affordable service at affordable rates and thus to offer their customers a truly high-quality service, not so much.

In addition, take the time to find the right phone number and then a long time to explain to the operator what kind of machine you need and where to apply it, it is extremely inconvenient.

Fortunately, now you do not have to do that. After all, there was a much quicker way.

Taxi Shark: instant custom cars at any time

Than Shark strikingly different from similar services that you used before? No: it's not just that here you can order a taxi around the clock - and still be sure that the cars will drive up after a few minutes after the call (and, even late at night).

The main difference - a complete rejection of dispatcher services. It is possible not only to make the rates really affordable and accessible. Now, in order to get a fast and reliable transportation, quite literally a few seconds.

All that is needed - a free business apps available for owners of phones based on iOS or Android.

Just turn it on - and it itself will determine where you are now. It remains only to enter the address of the place where you want to get (or simply touch the interactive map of the city at this point). Once you see the route of the forthcoming trip and its cost, will only have to press "Confirm" button.

And if you want to change the class of cars at lower cost (or, alternatively, more presentable and comfortable), it can be done in one touch. And, of course, the company has separately taken care of those who need such services, such as luggage space or a special child seat. A wide choice of options will meet the needs of any client.

At the same time, more than loyal to the cost of services is combined with a high level of service.

And if you do not have at hand a smartphone?

Do not worry: it is for these cases Shark created a special form on the website, fully functional duplicate applications.

Thanks to her, you can call the car a couple of clicks on the standard rates of anywhere in the city.

So if you need a truly reliable and cheap taxi service in Saki ready around the clock to serve the needy in the rapid transport, choose Shark!

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