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First you need an app
SHARK and a couple of free minutes
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Open the SHARK application and go to your personal account.
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The available number of bonuses on the account is displayed next to the profile photo.
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The history of bonuses displays the date, order number and the number of bonuses accrued for a successful trip.
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Dear Clients!
The validity of bonuses is limited and is 90 days from the date of the last trip. Unused bonuses will be canceled after 90 days. The validity period can be extended, for this you need to make a trip.
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How to use bonuses?
In order to use bonuses - you need to register points A and B, indicating the payment method "Bonuses". The trip cost must be less than or equal to the number of bonuses on the account.
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How are bonuses awarded?
For each successfully completed trip, the percentage set in the framework of the promotion is charged.
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Failed to pay with bonuses?
Don't worry, check carefully if there are enough bonuses on your account to pay for the trip.