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Would you like to call a cheap taxi in Simferopol?«Shark Taxi»: fast, cheap, good quality.

The fastest taxi Simferopol at a glance

More than once had to order a taxi in the city? Then you know exactly how uncomfortable to dial the operator and try to explain to him exactly where to submit the car -. And where you need to take
This is especially frustrating when you, for example, an urgent need to call a taxi to the airport or call the car the night <. br> Fortunately, the taxi Sharq you can forget about these difficulties.

If you choose our taxi, Simferopol will be for you as close as possible - at any point. After all, by eliminating the company's dispatchers and services place us not only failed to make the services affordable and accessible. Does the car you are online or using an application for smartphones, the process is so simple and clear that the taxi is not difficult even for people far removed from the high-tech.

At the same time you really see the whole city in full view. The place where you are in the airport, destination ... all at a click distance.

You can specify exactly where to file a taxi Simferopol in the form of cards spread in front of you. And with the same speed you can specify the destination.

At the same time via the app or call the site a cheap taxi, you can at any time of the day - from the airport or to get to an important meeting on time - and be sure that you will be served quickly and efficiently.

Catch time: really quick and cheap taxi

With our taxi Simferopol becomes convenient as never before.
Running late to the airport or at a business meeting? It is necessary to call a taxi for a trip around the city cheaply after a noisy party with friends? With taxi Shark - no problem. After all, this company only operates in Simferopol more than a hundred drivers who are ready to take your order at any time.

This innovative system allows you to see both online via the website or application of all taxi drivers in the vicinity. And after you have pressed the "order" button, one of them will go directly to you.

How to choose the cheapest taxi in Simferopol?

Everyone who wants to book a taxi, Simferopol offers a huge selection. But how to get, for example, to the airport, really cheap, quickly and inexpensively? With Shark Taxi - easier
With an extensive fleet of vehicles, call the appropriate class of car online through the website or through the company's mobile application is not difficult..

Cars of economy and premium class, vans and even trucks. Choose any! And our taxi drivers know Simferopol just perfect.

Moreover, if you need a ride around the city, taking into account your specific needs (salon smoking room for a pet, etc.), it is - in Sharq. Because with us, you can always order the desired additional options you literally in a couple of clicks.
With Shark and our website you can in a matter of minutes to cause cars to meet guests at the airport or a cheap taxi, Simferopol driver is familiar as the back of his hand.

And, of course, all of these convenient and sometimes necessary functions are available as those who prefer to book a car online through the site, and prefer maximum mobility
Without exaggeration, we can say: Shark - the most convenient for customers taxi in Simferopol..

So if you need a taxi in Simferopol - a cheap and ready to quickly drop off in the city even in the airport, even for a business meeting - welcome to our website where you can book a car cheap - or download the app and enjoy a cheap and high-quality service with maximum comfort .

Direction Cost of
with the 1st Cavalry Army 74 - Silpo central (Sevastopolskaya 4) 150 rubles
Airport - Berg (Kirov Avenue 36) 340 rubles
Railway Station - Black pharmacy (Pushkin Str 7) 100 rubles
Borodino passage (2 Borodin) - Gagarin 34 140 rubles
Palace - Pine Forest 180 rubles
Agrouniversiteta - Circus 250 rubles

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