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Shark taxi: Theodosius at a glance

Each one is called from time to time is a taxi: Feodosiya - a modern city with a rapidly boiling him alive, so it's not surprising. After all, in order to keep up with the pace of modern daily life, we have to really try.

Fortunately, now you can call a cheap taxi in the city in just a few seconds. All you need for this - a smartphone mounted with a Shark Taxi app.

And, of course, you can always book a cheap car online: This will help our site.

Why taxi in Feodosia increasingly bought into Shark?

Today, almost every fourth resident of the city, causing a cheap taxi in Feodosia, visit our website or make a reservation using our application.

Such popularity is not accidental. After all, in other services in order to bring inexpensive car, it is necessary first to recall the company's number, and then take the time to explain to the dispatcher where it needs to drive the car. And wait until the taxi driver will reach you around the city, we have sometimes very long.

Our customers do not have these "bonuses" and problems. To call a cheap taxi for drivers whose Theodosia known thoroughly - until every street, only a couple of touches of the screen of the smartphone.

Brand application itself will determine your location, and you will only indicate where you need to go. In addition, our drivers are always there: so after you have confirmed the order, you will not have to wait long.

And not only that taxi really convenient: you can be sure that it is really cheap, even before the order confirmation. After all, you can see the exact amount of the cell phone screen.

And as soon as you sit down in a taxi, Theodosius sweep past the windows really fast. After all, our drivers travel around the city is always on the most optimal route.

And with us you can not just order a really cheap taxi in Feodosia. You can expect that all your needs will always be met. Do I need to have had the opportunity to smoke during the trip or you need to bring in the cabin pet - not a problem. Just check the appropriate additional options when ordering.

This extensive fleet Shark allows us to meet the needs of a truly each client. Do you want an inexpensive economy-taxi cars representative VIP level, roomy minivan or truck to transport bulky items (or a large number of cargo) - you should only mark the desired option when ordering.

And if I prefer to call a taxi in Feodosiya online through the site?

With us, it is easier than ever. Our site is always online - at any time and any day. And we are always ready to take your order for cheap taxi: Theodosius - the city that teems with life day and night. We perfectly know that.

Therefore, if you fill out a special form on the website, you can be sure that a taxi will come very soon, and the trip itself in the city will cost as cheap as when calling in the daytime.

It will be useful to our site and for those who want to work in a taxi in Feodosia - and earn adequate money.

After all, what our taxi so cheaply to customers does not mean that we do not care about our employees. On the contrary: just go to the page for the drivers and check out our requirements for taxi drivers. If you are willing to responsible attitude towards their work - on the website there is a link to download a special application for the drivers.

Download it, install, register - and you can start making money.

Also, the site provides important information for our customers. Here you can roughly calculate the cost of the trip and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, if you are not sure whether the order to travel around the city cheap taxis in Feodosia, we simply use the site - and decide for yourself.

So if you want to book a cheap and reliable taxi drivers for whom Theodosius know until each alleys, welcome to Shark Taxi!

Direction Cost of
City Hall (Lenin str., 2) - Assault 420 rubles
Metro (street Shevchenko, 61.) - Central Market (st Shcherbaka, 1). 200 rubles
Circus (Street Pozharova, 23.) - Victory (Bolshaya Morskaya, 13). 100 rubles
Central Bus Station (Vokzalna Street 11.) - Polytech (Repina 3) 130 rubles
ave. Victory, 53- Arena (ul.Brestskaya, 21) 105 rubles
ul.Kurchatova, 5 - Lastovo area 390 rubles

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