Shark Taxi Yevpatoria: machinery order at affordable rates

Shark Taxi Yevpatoria

According to statistics, residents and guests of Yalta every year use the services of companies that provide taxi service, all active.

Of course, some of this is due to healthy market competition, not allowing to inflate prices and make the prices are much more affordable than before. But the main reason - everything is speeding up the pace of life. Today, in order to always keep up to the right place in time, we have to try fairly. And fast reliable transport becomes in this case the most loyal friend.

However, if so is really necessary each time to search through your contact phone book to find the right number, and then waste precious time trying to explain to the dispatcher where to file a car?

Now there is no.

Shark: Taxi 21st century

If you need to call the car for a trip to another part of town, all you need - this is your smartphone, and set it on the firmware application Shark.

With it, you can at any time call a taxi, and within a few seconds.

It should include the application, and it itself will determine where you currently are. And when you enter a destination address (or just mark it on the interactive map, which occupies the central part of the screen), the system will calculate the best route and display it. And at the same time you can see how cheap the car is worth the challenge: at the bottom you will see the exact amount down to the penny.

Do you want to select a different class of cars? Or do you need additional services - for example, the presence of a child seat or ability to smoke in the cabin? No problem: a few touches of the screen - and you're done. It remains only to confirm the order by pressing the button.

And rest assured that caused the machine will arrive very soon. Thanks to our special orders distribution system, even late at night you do not have to wait longer than 5-7 minutes.

But do not think that the Shark service advantages to this end. We make every effort to ensure that every customer was satisfied with not only the price but also quality of service. So be assured that the car will be sparkling clean both outside and inside, and the driver will be the most polite and considerate.

So you get the trip a real pleasure.

It does not matter if you urgently need a reliable car in Yalta, you can always use a special form on our website. We have tried to make it as convenient and functional, so you can easily choose the perfect option for themselves, even if you do not have a smartphone.

And do not worry: the price will be exactly the same as when using the mobile application.

So if you really need services of a reliable taxi with an excellent level of service at the most loyal tariffs for a trip around the city - safely choose Shark!

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