Shark taxi when you need a cheap taxi in the city

Want to book a taxi to Sevastopol inexpensive? Do taxi Shark online or using a smartphone.

Shark taxi: Sevastopol at your fingertips

Every day, hundreds of residents of the city bought a taxi service: Sevastopol - a large modern city, living their exuberant life, and each of us has to keep up with his pace.

In this case, the possibility to order a cheap taxi in the city is a real salvation. However, some service address?

After all, not every service offering cheap taxi call, can really meet your needs. Moreover, not everyone has even a site for ordering online.

And what can be said about the need to remember phone numbers and long conversations with the dispatcher where to file a taxi in Sevastopol and even more long waits when ordered cars will reach the city to you?

Fortunately, you can always contact the Shark.

Why choose Shark taxi: Sevastopol and choosing the best service

The Shark Taxi is different from other taxi services Sevastopol? First of all - the maximum simplicity, convenience, and incredible speed of placing the order.

How do we do it? It is very simple: to bring a cheap taxi in the city, you do not need to dial anywhere: you need only your smartphone, firmware application from our company, and two seconds of free time.

The program itself will determine your location. It will only note where you want and confirm the order. At the same time you see the price of the trip, so you can be sure that the trip will cost inexpensive.

And, of course, the taxi driver will have you in a few minutes. And when you sit in a taxi, Sevastopol will fly past the windows of the vehicle moving in the most optimal route. So the trip will be as short as possible.

In this case, you can always call a cheap taxi in the city, which meets all your needs. Suffice it to note the dates you additional options (eg, the ability to smoke in the cabin or the presence of a child seat). And rest assured: they will be included in the amount of the order - and the cost is very inexpensive.

And do not think that a cheap taxi in Sevastopol is the poor quality of services provided. We always strive to provide really high quality service: so that even very picky customers return to us again and again. And Shark Taxi recommend to friends.

One can rightly say that Shark - Taxi, Sevastopol and its inhabitants who prefer much more likely to appeal to other companies.

What if I prefer to order a taxi online in Sevastopol?

You can always order a car online: it is enough to go to our website and fill out a form. And you can rest assured: when ordering our taxi, Sevastopol is available 24 hours a day. Whenever you decide to bring a car, it is inexpensive, and wait a long time is not necessary.

Order cheap car online is particularly useful when you can not use the phone. And for many of our customers, our website has become a major tool to induce a cheap taxi in the city in moments when it is especially needed.

But our site not only allows you to book a taxi in Sevastopol. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as with a special form on the site can roughly calculate how much cheaper will ride on the car, you want to call, taking into account all factors.

And what about taxi drivers, for which Sevastopol familiar as my own five fingers? With us and our website, you can really feel that a cheap taxi can be profitable. After all, our drivers receive decent pay for every call.

And in order to start working with our taxi driver in Sevastopol, just go to the site, read the rules, download and install a special application for drivers - and you can receive calls from our customers.

So for each of our site can be useful in their own way.

It is the totality of all these factors makes the Shark is so popular.

So remember: if you need to call a really cheap taxi with a perfect service, choose the Shark.

Direction Cost of
City Hall (Lenin str., 2) - Assault 420 rubles
Metro (street Shevchenko, 61.) - Central Market (st Shcherbaka, 1). 200 rubles
Circus (Street Pozharova, 23.) - Victory (Bolshaya Morskaya, 13). 100 rubles
Central Bus Station (Vokzalna Street 11.) - Polytech (Repina 3) 130 rubles
ave. Victory, 53- Arena (ul.Brestskaya, 21) 105 rubles
ul.Kurchatova, 5 - Lastovo area 390 rubles

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