Shark Taxi: When you need to call a cheap taxi in the city

Would you like to call a cheap taxi in Kerch? With «Shark», you can do it in seconds.

Shark Taxi: how to call a cheap taxi in the city?

Every day hundreds of citizens use the services of the various taxi services: Kerch - city, where life flows quite rapidly, and in time where you want to be difficult. But when you need to call a cheap taxi in the city, there is several problems at once.

The first of them - the choice is really respectable service. Because we all know that cheap - does not always mean quality. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to overpay. But at the same time inexpensive and high quality taxi still difficult to find

The second problem - to find or recall the phone or the service site, and then take the time to call and explain to the dispatcher (which sometimes is not so easy), where it is necessary to drive and where you should take a taxi in Kerch.

Of course, these problems do not apply to those who already chose a Shark Taxi.

The taxi Shark different from what you used before?

Our service is really very different from the usual call taxis in the city. Starting with the fact that in order to book a car, you will need no more than a few seconds. A car drives up in just a few minutes. And after the driver asked to sit in a taxi, Kerch will rush through the windows, and you will move to the target by the shortest and fastest route.

And we did not exaggerate. As we have been able to achieve such amazing results? It's simple.

We have completely abandoned the dispatchers services only complicate the process of calling a taxi in the Kerch and make it impossible to do it for real cheap (because their services are also to be paid).

To order a taxi Shark, enough to install on your smartphone firmware application, which itself determines your location. Thus, for the taxi driver, for which the Kerch - the same hometown as for you, it will be clear where to drive. And thanks to the user interface, a taxi is simple and fast.

And, of course, we thought about those whom it is more convenient to order online cheap taxi for the city. Our site is specifically designed so that you would cause the most convenient cheap taxi: Kerch in the form of maps spread out before you. It remains only to fill out a form - and consider that the taxi had left -zakazannoe online.

This site allows you to not only call a taxi in Kerch. Here you can see the approximate prices and determine which option to choose to order a cheap taxi in the city. Also, on a special page of the site you can yourself calculate the approximate cost of the order. (Considering additional options selected and the distance that will drive a taxi in Kerch). And, of course, the site will be useful for those who professionally control his vehicle and want to receive for transportation of passengers decent money. Future drivers will be able to see on the site, you need to start working in the Shark, and what rules should be followed. Convenient is also the site for those who want to book a taxi Shark in Kerch and advance wants to know the answers to some important questions. Page FAQs answer everything you ever wanted to know.

The most convenient way to call a cheap taxi site will be for those who are currently uncomfortable using a smartphone (for example, it is in your charge). However, many who want to book a taxi cheaply, choosing it as the main way to bring cars.

In any case, you choose how to call a taxi: a taxi Kerch Shark is truly a convenient city. And you can always be sure that will have time to where you want on time.

Direction Cost of
M/A station - Clothing market (Field 15 st.) 115 rubles
Tair TC (street M.Eremenko, 30.) - Vojkovo 160 rubles
Glassworks - Bus 110 rubles
Sea trading port - the October 230 rubles
MREO (street Glukhov, 5.) - Str. Kirov, 161 150 rubles
Med.Kolledzh (str. Zh.Dudnik, 11) -Druzhba (ul. Ordzhonikidze, 37) 215 rubles

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