Order a taxi in Dzhankoy

Order a taxi in Dzhankoy

Today, you can order a taxi around the clock in almost any more or less large settlements of the Crimea. Dzhankoi - is no exception.

No wonder: the recent trip by comfortable and fast cars become for the residents of our city more than affordable daily service. After all, even the competition between several companies pushes them to continually improve service and strict regulation of tariffs.

Unfortunately, even with this seemingly rich choice of many services involved in passenger transport still suffers typical problems of the last century.

Surely you yourself have repeatedly experienced genuine irritation at the fact that every time it is necessary to dial a phone number, and then long to explain, where did apply cars constantly asks the obvious processing operator. And, of course, in everyone's life there were moments when it was urgent to taxi, and the driver was late, testing your patience.

Fortunately, now you do not have to go through this torment again and again. After all, you can always use a new generation of service: Shark Taxi.

Taxi Shark: Order - instantaneously, travel - cheap

What our service so different from all that you can use before, causing cars in Dzhankoy?

No, it is not only the most democratic value of our services. The main difference - in approach. We have completely abandoned the controllers services, trying to make himself the ordering process as fast and convenient way for each of our clients.

With Shark you do not need to spend time on the phone call. All that is needed - this is a smartphone that can go on the Internet, installed on his corporate mobile application and two seconds of your time.

After all, one has only to turn on the program and it will automatically detect where you are now. All that's left to do - to mark the place where you want to drive (it can be done manually by typing the address, and just touching the interactive map).

Immediately after that, the route will be displayed next to your trip, as well as its exact cost.

If you are satisfied, simply click the submit button - and get ready to go. Due to the special demands of the machine distribution system served almost instantly.

And we are working around the clock, so do not worry: even if you have turned the dead of night, our service will provide you with a car and a professional driver in a matter of minutes.

The perfect car for everyone

Not quite satisfied with the default settings of the order? Maybe you want to choose the most inexpensive option, ordering the economy version, or on the contrary, you need a luxury car for meeting an important business partner for affordable prices?

Or maybe you need transportation to the child seat, the possibility of smoke in the cabin, or something similar?

No problem: just one touch of the screen.

So if you need really fast, expensive and - most importantly - really convenient taxi in the city in Dzhankoy - download Shark app!

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