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Driver rating is a reflection of good faith

Driver rating is a reflection of good faith

The rating for the driver is a reflection of the conscientiousness, competence and quality of the services provided for the transportation of passengers.

Shark Taxi is interested in the development of the service, and therefore carries out strict quality control of the services provided.

Browsing will not take long, but it will result in a quick understanding of the basics of the driving application and the order distribution system.

The video is designed for both beginners and will be useful for experienced drivers who are interested in increasing the productivity and effectiveness of their activities.

What does it mean to be the best driver in Shark Taxi? What constitutes the rating and what factors influence it? Why do many registered drivers face a steep rating downgrade? We tried to answer these and other questions in the most informative and clear way.

This video will introduce you to the rules for distributing Shark Taxi orders and give you practical advice on how to get more profitable orders.

In other words, the rating is an important and integral component of success, and it is extremely important to understand how it is calculated.

The purpose of the training video is to make the work of drivers convenient and understandable, and the strategy of the company as a whole transparent, honest and fair.

Remember, the higher the rating, the more orders and the higher the income. Consequently, losing your rating is a loss of money!

Watch the video on our official website and don't miss the opportunity to learn how to work better and more productively.

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