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"Sober driver" is a relevant service in uncertain situations in 2021

"Sober driver" is a relevant service in uncertain situations in 2021

Having a personal car is certainly convenient, comfortable, and you can go wherever and whenever you want, regardless of anyone. It is much easier to get from one point of the city to another, to work, to events, or to rest by your own car than by other transport options. However, you may not always be sure that you can successfully get home. There are situations when you are physically unable to get behind the wheel and get back, which introduces you to uncertainty.

Often, under the current conditions, people simply leave their car in the parking lot and go home by taxi. But it is better not to do this: you do not know at all what can happen to your rather expensive property for such a long time while it is away from you. Do your best and order the "Sober Driver" service from SHARK Taxi. We can provide you with a safe trip in your car in any direction you need.

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When is there a need for the "Sober Driver" service?

The variety of situations in which this service may be needed can be quite wide, however, we will give examples of the most common reasons for the inability to get behind the wheel of your own car.

  • Deterioration of health

A sudden change in health status can take you by surprise anywhere, anytime. Fatigue, stress, depression, decreased immunity only contribute to the development of painful sensations, and make the body vulnerable to viral diseases. An acute manifestation of chronic diseases should not be ruled out. In this state, it is categorically impossible to drive the car yourself, so protect yourself and call the driver.

  • The use of medications

This reason is partly derived from the previous one. You see, a certain group of drugs, namely painkillers, affect concentration and slow down the reaction rate of the human body. Therefore, for this reason, you should also not drive — you can endanger yourself and others.

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  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

It is categorically impossible to drive a vehicle on your own while intoxicated. Even with small doses of alcohol drunk, it is better to give up driving and call the driver — so you will be sure that the trip will be as safe as possible for everyone.

  • Driving uncertainty

This reason is associated with people who have recently started driving, and have not yet morally adapted to this process. If you find yourself in a difficult situation for yourself, being in the center of traffic, it would be better to use the help of professionals.

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Ordering the service "Sober driver"

To place an order, use the phone +7 (978) 933 33 33, or the SHARK mobile application for online ordering.

When ordering through the app, please follow these steps carefully:

  • Open the app.
  • Enter the required address information.
  • Select the “Driver” tariff.
  • Indicate the payment method.
  • Confirm your order.

All you need to travel safely and comfortably in your car is a few simple steps. An experienced and responsible driver will arrive within 5-7 minutes and ensure you a successful trip.

Get out of uncertain situations safely, together with SHARK Taxi!