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Safe traveling with pets, or how to think it through

Safe traveling with pets, or how to think it through

A fairly large proportion of people in our time have at least one pet in their home. This fact is not surprising, since pets give a lot of pleasure and emotions, give a lot of positive moments and become great friends and part of the family.

Providing your furry friend with everything you need is the duty of every owner, and the list includes not only moments with food and walking, but also providing comfortable living conditions in the deepest understanding. This can also include security control when moving in transport.

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Today we will look at the best ways to create the most comfortable trip for four-legged furries, which would cover the issues of both safety and stress resistance of animals.

Popular gear for safe travel for animals

Of course, you are not pioneers in this problem and you are not alone: many people are looking for ways to protect and protect their pets, since caring for a pet is an integral part of every owner's life. To make the trip safe both for you with the animal and for the driver (curious pets often cause drivers to defocus attention), it is worth using one of the protection options presented.

  • Dedicated travel cage or container

The most common means of transporting your pet in a private car or taxi is a travel cage/carrier. But no matter how familiar this method is, pay attention to some of the subtleties that can provide full comfort and safety for your animal.

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Make sure the cage is large enough for the animal to sit comfortably — lie down, sit, stand, turn, etc., but still be as compact as possible to provide protection. The crate you choose should be well ventilated, as access to air and light will keep your pet calm. It is extremely important to secure the cage in the transport on which you will be traveling in order to foresee possible sliding and movement of the cage around the cabin — such processes can significantly frighten the animal.

Remember — choosing a cage/carrier/container for four-legged friends must be carefully and carefully, the equipment must be checked for resistance and impact resistance, only in this case you will be sure that nothing threatens your pet.

  • Dog harness

An analogue of a passenger seat belt, provided for dogs, is an ideal option for fixing your pet in the car. The adjustable D-ring seat belt is designed for any standard car seat belt anchorage. Such equipment is very easy to carry with you, it does not take up much space, so in any situation it can be at hand — it will not create discomfort, but it will ensure safety.

For those whose pets cannot sit still in any way, but you still want to control their radius of movement in the car, an alternative model of the seat belt is provided. The snake harness is located under the ceiling in the rear of the car; it can be conveniently attached to the handles above the rear passenger doors. This method allows your animal to move freely along the line of the rear seat, without restricting its movement, but only limiting the movement space.

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However, it is important to note that of these two options, it is better to use the first one. The safety belt performs its functions as accurately as possible — it provides safety, although it hinders movement. The tourniquet was tested, and it turned out that in emergency situations it is not only unable to protect the animal — due to its free location, it acts as a "slingshot", the tourniquet stretches, directing the animal even more sharply towards danger.

Sacrifice your pet's mobility during the trip, but rest assured that nothing will happen to him on the road!

  • Car dog harnesses

This option is best paired with a dog harness. So you will provide maximum protection to your four-legged friend, even in the event of unforeseen emergencies.

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How to choose the right and reliable car harness? Pay attention to:

  • Sizes — when choosing a harness for your animal, be guided not by weight, but by the volume of the chest and neck, as well as the length of the dog.
  • Comfort — the dog must first of all be comfortable and safe, so be careful to choose harnesses with overlays in those places where chafing and discomfort from wearing are possible. Make sure the harness is made of durable materials.
  • Seat Belt Fastening — be sure to choose a kit that includes a harness fastener. Harnesses are often sold without it.
  • Certified — choose only tested harnesses to ensure your pet is safe.
  • Dog car seat

This transportation method is suitable for dogs weighing from 10 to 15 kg. The dog chair can be ideally fixed in the car, and the pet itself can be securely fixed in a comfortable and soft seat. For maximum safety conditions, choose a car seat model with a built-in leash — the leash can be attached to your pet's collar, and travel peacefully, comfortably and with pleasure.

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The most optimal option, which will definitely suit your pet, of course, depends on what kind of four-legged friend you have. The first method is most likely to work for both dogs and cats. The rest are better suited specifically to dogs — their different breeds and sizes.

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Take care of the safety of your pet while traveling — create all the necessary conditions yourself, or order a taxi "Pet" from SHARK.