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Why should you upgrade Shark Taxi - Driver?

Why should you upgrade Shark Taxi - Driver?

Many drivers, of course, are accustomed to the interface of older versions, and even minor changes are accepted “with a scratch”. However, this is not the case when the old is better than the new.

After all, the developers take into account all the responses of the drivers and their suggestions. And based on the statistics collected by the support service, they make the necessary changes to make the life of drivers easier and more comfortable.

Reasons to upgrade now

Drivers using the old version often complain about bugs. Meanwhile, in the new versions of the application they have not been for a long time.

Also, they miss the opportunity to use the updated functionality: new options and a more user-friendly interface. Not to mention the fact that the updated versions are more stable, faster, determine the position faster and more accurately, and also use less network traffic.

Therefore, if you are still using the outdated Shark Taxi - Driver application, do not hesitate: click the "Update" button now.

Best regards, Shark Team