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Shark Taxi's innovative way of fair distribution of orders

Shark Taxi's innovative way of fair distribution of orders

The standard auto-grab order distribution system is outdated!

It was replaced by "Robot" - a completely new, unparalleled algorithm that can make your work even more comfortable, and will allow drivers to get more benefits with less time.

A separate SMART server is responsible for the distribution of orders.

In it, the distribution is instantaneous, surprisingly accurate and as fair as possible.

How does the "ROBOT" function?

Now there is no need to worry that a profitable order will be confirmed by another driver who managed to press the button earlier.

If a Robot is enabled in your driver app, don't hesitate: it will react much faster, giving you an order if you are ideally suited to fulfill it.

On what basis does ROBOT distribute orders?

Driver rating in the system: the higher it is, the more often you will be offered the most profitable orders.

Distance to the customer's address: the closer you are to the customer, the higher your priority.

Vehicle class and condition: the system takes into account the vehicle class and its condition (based on customer feedback - order fulfillment index). If you follow your car diligently, then it is imperative that you receive a preferred order.

Number of completed orders: the more orders you fill, the more you value as an experienced and professional driver.

Directions to the client's address: taking care of the driver, the Robot will offer only those orders that will not cause you any difficulties in terms of road junction.

The presence of traffic jams: the intelligent algorithm of the Robot takes into account the current situation on the roads, insuring you against long standing in traffic jams - and thus saving your fuel and nerves, and the client's time.

Working hours: The robot automatically increases your advantage at the times when it is more convenient for you to work and when you are most active.

The result is more comfort, confidence that your merits are appreciated, the most honest distribution of orders.

Do you want to feel all the advantages of the "Robot"?

Find a special indicator on the main screen (at the top of the screen, the second button from the left) and click on it. If it turns green, the Robot has started to work.

More benefits!

More earnings!

More satisfied customers!

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