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Shark Taxi in the Crimea: reportage of Dilyary Shevketova


The popular Crimean Shark taxi attracts more attention of TV reporters. This time our channel was interested in the channel Millet, who released a small video.

Well-known correspondent of Dilyar Shevketov very rightly noticed that today the taxi has become the most convenient and comfortable alternative to the always late and all expensive public transport.
Indeed: why expose yourself to voluntary torture, when practically in all Crimean cities there are twenty-four-hour reliable taxi services: such as Shark.

It was also true that it was really convenient to use our services. It’s enough to download the application (and at the same time get a nice bonus), register — and in any of the 14 cities in the Crimea, where our drivers work, you can always be sure: you’ll never be late any where else.
Separately, I would like to note that although Dilyara’s report lasts just over a minute, she managed to tell about the specifics of the order, as well as the possibility of canceling it, and about the opportunity to evaluate the driver, and — importantly — about our additional services available to any Shark client.

I would like to express my great gratitude to the channel Millet and Dilyara Shevketova personally.
And, of course, we hope that such interest in us will allow us to raise the already high level of Shark Taxi quality even higher.

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