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Taxi — this is an area of our lives that makes the city the trip much easier and less tedious than the morning passages between the metro stations or to public transport. Once again, sitting in the car caused by the passenger hardly think that a taxi — it is a whole culture with their heroes and indisputable records. You want to surprise a driver in Next time, knowledge, or simply wonder unusual achievements in this area? Then read more!

The most expensive taxi

If we consider a taxi as a regular urban transport, in some countries In Europe it is so expensive that not every average citizen can afford it allow. Not long ago, global studies have been conducted, which were aimed at compilation of statistics of public transport cost in all cities and countries. It is known that has been investigated for more than seventy countries for the cost of travel. The record for the value of this rating beat the Swiss to Zurich: there will have to pay as much as 24 crowns per kilometer on the road! However, in fairness it should be noted, and high income Swiss and a small area of Zurich: different drivers would be unprofitable to go.

If you want to ride in style, the records for the cost of cars to order hits in this time Moscow: here a taxi service offers a ride in a gilded Maybach 62 for only 7000 rubles per hour. And the demand for the service is quite high.

The cheapest taxi

Now, a more pleasant travel records. Within the above ranking, determined also the cheapest service around the world. Not surprisingly, the leaders had escaped countries with low income. Thus, the record established the Indian capital: New Delhi one kilometer the path is almost 50 cents. This is followed by another center of Indian slums of Mumbai. Closes three bronze medal Egypt.

The oldest taxi

The most venerable in the world is a London cab. Back in the thirties of the 17th century, local transportation received the license for hydrating the citizens within the city. Surprisingly, anyone can a ride on the traditional means of transportation Londoners even today! Horse speed Of course, not really develop, but the experience — unforgettable!

The biggest taxi station

The largest fleet is in service of the taxi capital of Mexico. There are more than 60 thousands of cars that are waiting for their passengers! But with the presence of free transport authorities have not understood: in the city is home to more than 30 million people, so this looks like the number of a taxi justified.

The longest journey

Then all the world in a car with checkered stopped three adventurers from Britain. They found vintage cab, restored it and went on a journey from London to Cape Town. Naturally, and that the cost of this trip was at a record: almost 63 thousand dollars. Unforgettable tour decorated with problems with the police and customs officers in different countries of Europe.

As you can see, urban transport — is a culture with his characters and unusual stories. We wish you a record for good and comfortable trip!

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