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Racing taxi


Racing taxi

The usual taxi checkered on the body is unlikely to surprise anyone. The inhabitants of modern cities We have long been accustomed to the fact that one phone call was to come comfortable car with a professional driver who is ready to fulfill all the requirements of the passenger at his first will. In these trips a lot of comfort, carefully thought-out route and facilities. However, if You want adrenaline, try a ride on a racing taxi, which will not leave indifferent fans speed.

What is a racing taxi or ring-taxi?

Initially, should understand the terminology Ring-Taxi or racing -. it is the same thing. It differs from the usual is that there is no driver, who tells funny jokes and He is talking with a companion on the policy of high prices and low wages. No given you Route calls or evening — it’s fun for those who love speed.

On a call to ring a taxi you will arrive old car, but a real race. Behind the wheel It will sit virtually pilot of Formula 1, the rapid and extreme driving expert. Passenger It will be assigned the role of navigator. You have wanted to ride on such a car, is not it? it real fun for fans of speed and adrenaline — do not miss the opportunity to try, if any, you are out.

The basic idea

Why was coined racing taxi? In fact, with the usual public transport, it It has nothing to do. Much wiser it would be to equate it to the kart or training extreme driving. Why do millions of people every day or once a week, wear helmets and go karting? That’s right — they want thrills. After the stress of the modern metropolis, a busy work schedule and family problems speed helps get rid of stress and experiences.

You get into a powerful car and completely forget about all your problems. In just one lap speed takes you captive. Naturally, but such entertainment is popular among residents big cities. There, on the streets too will enjoy high speed, even on its own maneuvering the car: constantly busy traffic, traffic jams, speed restrictions — drivers it the order surprised. But to go with a professional driver on a flat, beautiful Thrace — is it not the embodiment of his dream?

How does it work?

A high-speed trip procedure is quite simple. Your driver will be a professional racer, for which the rate — not the adrenaline and just element and area of work. You will be assigned to his role Assistant-navigator, but to help, in fact, do not have to. Cars in these fleets are usually Performance improved to racing level.

Orders the trip mainly in one or a few laps, but the inveterate extremals can try and longer. The driver shows you agile ride and you feel like a participant races in the Formula-1 format. Believe me, such a trip you will never forget!

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