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Moving around the city with a child often becomes a real problem for parents.


Crowds of people at stops, crush in public transport, surrounding noise and fuss — all this gives a lot of hassle and inconvenience.
How to be in this situation? Is it possible to risk the health of children and ride in a crowded bus without restraining devices? In no case!
Shark Taxi will take care of the safe and comfortable journey of small passengers and their parents.

That’s why cars are equipped with special children’s seats, which will be convenient not only for children, but also relieve parents from discomfort to keep the child in their arms and for the whole trip to worry about safety.

In addition, Shark Taxi drivers are professionals of their business with a great experience of driving, they never violate the traffic rules, they will also be happy to transport the kids and take care of them carefully during the trip.
Thinking about the safety and comfort of your children, feel that you are making the right choice together with Shark Taxi.

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