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Loyalty program Shark Taxi: invisible money and tangible benefit


Perhaps today there is no such person, who would have had to tell Shark Taxi. All perfectly know how our company is different from the majority of services operating in our country, both in terms of convenience and accessibility of transport orders, and in terms of really attentive and caring attitude to the needs of its customers.
But we do not stand still. And the first of February we made another important step towards our customers: Shark launched its own loyalty program.

Launching the bonus program for customers went without much of officialdom and aplomb: the best traditions of Shark Taxi. After all, we always strive to prove the quality of their service to the business, and thus provide our clients to assess how our innovations are valuable for them.
We firmly believe that no extolling their services will not replace the genuine quality of service that the customer is able to evaluate yourself by contacting us.

But talk about the launch of the loyalty program in more detail. After all, for people who use the services of our taxi is more or less regularly, it can save a lot of money.
Now, each client at the end of a trip on any transport Shark Taxi gets 5% of the amount spent on a trip to a special bonus account, tied to his phone number.
And these «invisible money» tend to accumulate a lot faster than you can see. And after a few orders, you will already be able to ride for free. For this it is necessary that the amount of the bonus account is equal to or higher than the cost of your trip.
But, of course, you do not have to guess whether you have enough bonus accumulated currency or not. After all, in a private office Shark Taxi corporate applications, by means of which orders are carried out, complete information is stored on all your orders. So you always know, how much you can completely free ride.

Given that this is only the first of the planned implementation of a nice «chips» of the company, you can be certain that the Shark Taxi in the near future will offer customers and other equally interesting ways to make cooperation with more pleasant and profitable.
In the meantime, a new bonus system is a clear demonstration of how our company takes care of its every customer. And if you need a fast and reliable car, the best choice by far is to apply it in the Shark.

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