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Checkers taxi car — many identification mark even on a subconscious level. We can to see such a vehicle identification on call and in America and in some European countries. But few passenger seriously thought about how such cells could appear on doors or elsewhere Body cars on call? In fact, there are several versions of the emergence of such identification sign.

Multiple versions

As far as there are many in the world of the taxi service, the same can be found historical and supposedly authentic versions of the origin of the symbol. Some say that it is — solely to the passenger was easier to identify your vehicle among the dense traffic. But on the other hand, there were checkers in the early 20th century, then about heavy traffic is difficult to say.

This checkers only now become a reference mark and the symbol Car Service on call around world. But at the moment when there are several other versions. Only a historical fact, associated with the icon, which is not in doubt, it is the inventors. This is the company Checker Motors: it is with its production line in the 20th century the first cars went down with his sword on the body. The name of the company translated the same sign with the name of the game, and the machines were designed to serve the subsidiary to automaker-producer taxi service. But this is only the actual version, but the more interesting — unofficial stories that wander among experienced drivers and first-class passengers.

Racing symbols

In the most popular version of this icon appeared to create similar to racing cars. Like, sure to be impressed by the passenger that the driver will take it as soon as possible in anywhere in the city. It is worth noting that many of the people who call a taxi, would be grateful for such advantage.

The analogy with the strategy of the game (checkers)

Another no less interesting version, is connected with the game — checkers. According to the inventors of this symbol already mentioned our company Checker Motors, this game is different maneuverability and speed. really not this wait away from the driver and passenger of the average whole life? Just as on the wooden checkered board, the driver needs to write a good trip strategy — a route and beat the combination on city streets — maneuvers. This version of the origin of the pattern on the back of cars is very romantic, and certainly deserves attention.

Please note that this version is sent directly to the manufacturer of the world’s first «drafts» cars. But with light hand many passengers and drivers coincidence prosaic name of the manufacturer and maneuverable intellectual game was a real romantic story about the maneuverability of a car on the order, which would be match each driver service.

Insignia ladies of the oldest profession

The least popular of the known version is associated with representatives of the oldest profession — Housewife. It was thought that previously had their identification mark hat in black and white squares. She is to distinguish them from secular women, in order to save men from misunderstandings. However, it is still not known, Who was the first: the taxi drivers and the girls of easy virtue. Who of them was used as a cell signal an indication that they are willing to provide their services on a call?

As you can see, this seemingly simple, has a complex pattern and interesting history. Next ask the driver, but some of the stories he believes it?

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