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Etiquette in a taxi


Etiquette in a taxi

Ride in the cab became routine for the modern man. Every day we call the car when late at the station, meeting late linger in the city and want to go home comfortably. Many would-be passengers mistakenly think that caused a car — his own, and therefore no rules and regulations here simply can not be. However, the taxi — is also a transport, and the driver or your companions — living people. So make sure to be followed simple rules when traveling etiquette, which will make the route much more comfortable and easier for all the participants.

Smoking in taxis

Topical problem for most drivers — smoking passengers. Many people can not tolerate even a few minutes without the cherished cigarettes. What to do in this case? Can the passenger smoke in the cabin? According to the rules of domestic legislation, the vehicle is not considered a public place, so that right no one can take away a person. But on the other side advocate morality and etiquette that apply to addiction is not so clear.

For example, if a man goes to a lady, the smoke in her presence is considered bad manners not only in cab, but in principle. If you absolutely can not be tolerated — it is necessary to ask the ladies and driver and only with their permission to get a cigarette. Self should not open the window: it is I should do himself a taxi driver. In cold weather, try to deal as quickly as possible to does not cause discomfort satellites. Do not allow smoke in the cabin — it is not just a question etiquette, but also health: passive smokers suffer much more active.

The man always goes back

If the representative of a strong half of humanity goes accompanied by her companion, she should give way to the front seat. Etiquette does not specify why there was such a distribution, but they are guided by several decades all over the world. An exception — unwillingness to most ladies sit in front of for one reason or another.

Who pays for a taxi?

Thorny issue of payment in taxis quite clearly understood the rules of etiquette. To pay I must always be a man. The exception is the trip to the US, where the ladies are so emancipated, it may take an attempt to pay for them as an insult: if a man tries to cover financial costs women, he is considered by Americans, only underscores its superiority to the weaker sex. In Europe, for such a situation are less critical.

When to pay?

You will not believe, but there are also rules on when to pay. It is believed that only after stop the vehicle passenger should get a purse or wallet. Otherwise, the driver Taxi impression may mistakenly seem that you too take the time to properly calculate surrender, or to find out the validity of the trip price.

We want you to be polite passengers: while the daily routes in the taxi will be much comfortable!

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