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Passenger Opinion 2021: do men drive better than women?

Passenger Opinion 2021: do men drive better than women?

The myth that men are much better drivers than women has long lived in the minds of many people, and most of them are an argument. However, in the current realities the situation is much different. SHARK Taxi specialists decided to conduct a small survey among regular customers of the service, and find out their objective opinion on this matter. Are you interested in the results? Read this article to the end!

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Women and men: what is your opinion?

So, first, that is not surprising — 80% of all survey participants really agree that the opinion “a man drives better” is inherent in many. And now what caused surprise, and even amazed — 65% of this group of people believe that this thinking is stereotyped and has nothing to do with the modern world. They believe that both men and women are equally good at parenting.

Also, a very interesting question was asked to the respondents — “Will there be a significant difference, whether a man-driver or a woman-driver is on the trip?”. And at the stage of answering this question, it can be argued that all myths and stereotypes are completely destroyed: users claim that there is no significant difference between a male driver and a female driver.

How to check it visually? It is a publicly available fact that there is a certain rating in taxi services — assessing the quality of the driver's work. Thus, a passenger, after his trip, can exponentially assess the qualifications of the driver and his approach to his duties in the amount of 1 to 5 stars. So, the average for male drivers is 4.9 stars. The intriguing question is, how many stars do customers on average give female drivers? Also, 4.9 stars. These indicators are the best confirmation of the equal opportunities between SHARK Taxi professionals.

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These well-reasoned facts let you know that a successful, safe, affordable and fast trip can be provided by both men and women extremely well. Interestingly, the users who were interviewed also expressed their opinions on this matter. 90% of people say that the indicator of a driver's qualification and level is providing maximum safety to passengers during a trip. And 10% said that driving speed is not yet a confirmation of great experience and distinctive skills.

SHARK Taxi also asked the question “Will the gender of the driver be the deciding factor?”, And to our surprise 80% answered “No”. With this response, the clients made it clear that it does not matter to them whether their driver is a man or a woman, it is much more important whether he / she will be able to provide the most comfortable and safe travel conditions and show his professionalism. However, there were also some surprises here: 5% of the survey participants expressed that they would prefer a female driver.

SHARK Taxi service brings together many qualified employees, experienced and responsible drivers, men and women, who are ready to provide you with comfort, convenience and safety during your trip at any time. And it is very important for us that you value the work of each of our representatives so highly.

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