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Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Sevastopol

Not surprisingly, among all the cities of Crimea Sevastopol lives the most turbulent life.

After all, it is not only one of the largest settlements of our own solar peninsula. This is the heart of tourism and business activities, where hundreds of thousands of people come every year: someone to relax, someone to solve important business issues.

And it is not surprising that long-distance transfer services from this city are also in high demand at any time of the year. After all, both personal and business issues are often forced to visit neighboring cities.

Fortunately, today there are no problems with ordering a taxi: most of the services work around the clock and offer their services quite inexpensively. However, even with such a seemingly so wide choice, most companies can not fully give what the modern consumer wants.

Problems of ordering a long-distance taxi and their solution

Unfortunately, most services prefer to work in the old-fashioned way. First, the client has to search for the desired number in the phone's phone book, dial in, and then also spend time explaining what he needs.

The problem is not only that sometimes the lines are overloaded. Much more time and nerves are spent on communication with the dispatcher, which is often poorly understood both in the geography of the Crimea and in the tariffs of its own company.

Fortunately, now it's time to go through this every time you need to book a transfer to another city, it's not required at all.

Thanks to Shark Taxi you can call a car, having spent literally a few seconds. All you need is your phone and a branded free application on it (or, if you do not have a smartphone, the order form duplicating its functions works on our site around the clock).

Just touch the program icon - and you will see an interactive map of Sevastopol, where your location will be marked. Will only enter data about the city and the street where you want to make a transfer - and the system itself will calculate the shortest route, as well as the cost of the future trip.

Want to change the taxi class? This can be done with one touch to the screen.

Or maybe you need any services like issuing a check at the end of the trip, having a child seat or a place for luggage? Thanks to a convenient system of additional options you can choose everything you need in a couple of seconds. At the same time, you do not have to worry that this will significantly affect the tariff.

By the way, the key feature of Shark Taxi is not that you can call us at any time of the day or night with us. The biggest advantage is the opportunity to order a taxi that is really ideal for you at the most loyal cost.

And whatever you choose - an inexpensive economy option or a luxury executive class car - you can be sure that the driver will arrive as quickly as possible.

So if you are going to another city from Sevastopol, do not waste time and nerves in vain. After all, Shark offers not only a better transfer fee, but also maximum convenience for everyone.

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