Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Krasnoperekopsk

All the inhabitants and guests of Krasnoperekopsk often choose convenient and fast transport for intercity transfers across the Crimea, turning to various taxi services.

Given that in recent years, such services have become truly inexpensive, and most companies work around the clock, this trend is more than understandable. However, affordable rates and the opportunity to go to another city at any time of the day - not all that is necessary for real comfort.

Admit it, you, too, are annoyed by the need to search each time for the right number, rummaging through your phone book or by touching cards. But in fact it is yet to get through to the ever busy number and explain to the dispatcher, who will constantly ask for obvious things, which transport is necessary and where to send it.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to go through this. After all, there is a service that allows not only to make long-distance transfer at low cost, but also to order it just a couple of touches of the smartphone screen.

Shark: the ideal taxi service of the new generation

To understand how much Shark's service differs from all other companies, it's enough to download a free mobile application.

Turn it on - and you will personally be able to see how it is most comfortable than anything you could have used before.

Touch the program icon - and before you open an interactive map of the city, and your location will be determined automatically. It will only enter the address of the destination - and the system will independently create the shortest route, at the same time displaying the cost of the future trip.

And if you want to drive at the most inexpensive rate - or on the contrary, you are ready to spend on the most comfortable transfer - you can change the class of cars in one move. Moreover: a special system of additional options allows you to choose the services that you need, from extra space for luggage and the possibility of smoking during the journey to the availability of a special child seat or issuing a receipt at the end of the trip.

And if you press the confirmation button - and the taxi will not keep you waiting. After all, we do not just work around the clock. Thanks to a special algorithm for the distribution of orders, we always serve the car as quickly as possible.

And, of course, we thought about those who are not too comfortable to use a mobile device. Especially for them, we have equipped our site with an order form that completely duplicates the functionality of our application.

With it, you can choose the perfect car for the transfer in just two clicks.

So if you need a long distance taxi from Krasnoperekopsk to any other city in the Crimea - do not waste time for nothing. Just use the services of the Shark service, and let your little trip leave only positive memories.

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