Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Feodosia

In recent years, one of the most beautiful resort towns of the Crimea, Theodosia, attracts more people both from other settlements of our peninsula with you, and from beyond it.

Therefore, it is not surprising how much the picture of the taxi services working with us has changed over this time. Today, you can order a long-distance transfer around the clock and at very low-cost fares.

However, even with this, some old problems still remain. So, turning to most services, you will first have to find the phone number you need, and then, having called (which is often not the first time), it's long to explain which machine you need and where to send it.

Fortunately, there is a company that took care of the time and nerves of its customers, creating a completely unique in its convenience service.

Taxi Shark: instant order, prompt delivery, affordable cost

What is so different about Shark from other Crimean services? And why did this company become so popular?

The main reason is the innovative approach, which allows you to book a taxi around the clock without wasting your precious time.

To quickly get to the desired place in Feodosia or to transfer to another city, it is enough to have a phone with the installed branded free application Shark Taxi.

Just turn it on - and the system will automatically determine where you are by displaying your location on an interactive map. It remains only to enter the address of the destination - and everything is ready. The application will helpfully display the optimal route, and at the bottom of the screen the cost of the future trip will be highlighted.

Now, if you press the confirm button, one of the drivers in the vicinity will take the order. A couple of minutes - and the car that has arrived is already opening the door.

Perfect car for every customer

There are several other reasons to choose the Shark service, in addition to the surprisingly affordable rates and the convenience of calling a car.

For example, we managed to make sure that everyone could get a really perfect car that fully meets the client's needs.

Want an inexpensive economy car? Or do you need a comfort car for long-distance travel? You can adjust the order in one go.

And what if you need something else: for example, an extra place for luggage, issuing a check at the end of the trip or just the opportunity to smoke in the cabin? At your service - a convenient system of additional options.

Not just using a smartphone

We also thought about those who are uncomfortable using mobile devices. For them on our website there is a special form with which you can place an order for a long distance taxi anywhere in the Crimea in just a few clicks.

And do not worry: we tried to recreate the functionality of the mobile application in full, adapting it and making the use of the interactive form as convenient as possible.

So if you want to make a transfer from Feodosia to any other city on our sunny peninsula - do not waste time in vain. Choose Shark!

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