Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Dzhankoy

If earlier the order of a car for long-distance transfer from Dzhankoy to another city of Crimea was quite expensive, but now the situation has changed dramatically.

Healthy competition and the desire to win more customers have done their job: today in almost every passenger service allows you to call inexpensive fast transport around the clock. And affordable tariffs have turned these services into a completely everyday thing.

However, some problems still remain. So, it is rather inconvenient to search each time for the desired phone number, and then try to get through to the ever-busy operator.

There is no particular enthusiasm for the need to explain every detail to a dispatcher who is poorly versed in his business, who asks several times to ask obvious things.

Fortunately, now it's completely unnecessary. After all, a taxi appeared in Dzhankoy, which allows you to call transport without any problems, having spent only a few seconds on it.

Shark Taxi: a new generation service

What taxi Shark is so strikingly different from other companies? No: not only because at the most affordable cost of services provides a service of truly impressive quality.

The main advantage of this service is that with it you will be really comfortable - in all aspects.

Judge for yourself: all you need to order a long-distance taxi is to download the free mobile application Shark Taxi from the Apple Store, Google Play or Yandex.Store, run it and spend five or six seconds to call the ideal car for you.

Just turn on the program - and she will determine where you are, helpfully marking this place on the interactive map. It remains only to enter the desired address (in any of the cities of the Crimea) - and the system will calculate the shortest route, at the same time showing on the screen the exact cost of the forthcoming trip up to a penny.

And if you want to change the class of the car to ride at the most inexpensive rate or on the contrary - to ride with maximum comfort, one tapa is enough.

Well, if you need extra space for luggage, issuing a check at the end of the trip or anything else, you have at your disposal a convenient system of additional options.

It remains only to press the confirmation button - and consider that your taxi is already approaching. After all, thanks to a special distribution algorithm, the average time of submission to Shark does not exceed 5-7 minutes. And be sure: in the city around the clock there is enough of our drivers to serve the customer, even if he decided to make long-distance transfer in the dead of night.

And, of course, we took care of those who are not too comfortable using the phone to call the car. Especially for them on our site is an interactive form, with which you can make an order in two clicks.

So if you decide to make a long-distance trip from Dzhankoy to any other city of Crimea, do not waste your time: just use the services of taxi Shark!

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