Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Bakhchisarai

Bakhchisarai has always been and remains one of the most popular resort towns of the Crimea. Recently, it is gaining more weight and as a business center of our peninsula with you.

It is not surprising that the increased business activity leads to the fact that those who wish to book a taxi for long-distance transfer from our city to other localities are becoming more and such orders become more and more familiar.

However, even though most of the services try to keep pace with the times, making tariffs more affordable and working around the clock, yet the real comfort when accessing them is difficult to experience.

For sure, and you yourself are annoyed by the need to first look for the desired number in the phone's phone book, and then dial up to the operator, which is sometimes not the first time. But then you still have to spend precious time to explain what exactly you need, where to submit transport and where to take you ...

Fortunately, it's not necessary to go through these torments now. With Shark, a fast and reliable taxi is just a couple of tapas on the screen of your smartphone.

Shark Taxi: perhaps the fastest and cheapest service of Crimea

What do you need to be able to call a taxi for intercity transfers around the clock, spending a couple of seconds on it? Only your mobile phone and the Shark application installed on it.

Just turn on the program - and she will determine where you are by marking this place on the interactive map. It remains only to indicate where you should be brought - and you will see the automatically calculated optimal route and the price of the future trip (by the way, at this stage you can appreciate the fact that it is really inexpensive to travel with Shark).

Want to reduce the cost of the order? Or vice versa, ride with maximum comfort, despite a slightly more expensive tariff? Just one touch to the screen - and the class of the car will change to the one you need.

And if you need any additional services like the ability to smoke in the cabin, extra space for luggage or issuing a check at the end of the trip, you have at your disposal a convenient system of additional options, with which everyone can get the perfect car that suits him.

Moreover, our company works around the clock, and the cars arrive as quickly as possible. So press the "Confirm" button - and get ready for the exit. After all the driver, most likely, already on a way to you.

And, of course, the service Shark thought of those who are not too comfortable to use mobile devices to order a taxi. Thanks to our site you always have the opportunity to call cheap cars for long-distance trips.

Moreover, you can do this in just two clicks. After all, we did not just transfer the functionality of the mobile application, translating it into an interactive order form. We tried to make it as convenient as possible.

So if you want to take an intercity trip from Bakhchisarai to another city of Crimea - do not waste time. Just use the Shark application!

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