Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi from Armyansk

Our sunny peninsula has been developing very rapidly lately. Therefore, it is not surprising that many residents of Armyansk, as well as other Crimean cities, increasingly require long-distance taxi services.

Fortunately today the transfer to another locality on the car turned from luxury into a completely everyday thing. In many respects - thanks to healthy competition, which made many companies not only work around the clock, but also significantly revise the tariff policy, making the cost of services much more affordable.

However, from some old problems most of the taxi services could not get rid of.

Old problems - and fresh solutions

Almost every month, long-distance transfers across the Crimea are becoming more and more affordable and affordable.

But let's be frank. The need for each time to order a car to search in the phone book of the desired number, and then even dial in to the constantly busy operator, frankly annoying.

And the low qualification of the dispatchers, who often do not even know the streets of Armyansk and ask them ten times, where exactly to submit the car, makes you waste not only your precious time, but also your nerves.

Fortunately, now it does not necessarily have to go through all this, because thanks to the taxi service Shark you can get a car, spending only a few seconds.

Shark Taxi: instant order, round-the-clock work, excellent value

What is so different from other services that offer transfer services in our city?

Almost everyone. However, the main advantage of this company is not even in surprisingly affordable tariffs and excellent level of services. The key advantage is the ability to call a car that suits you perfectly at any time of the day or night with just a few touches to the screen of your mobile phone.

To do this, you just need to download a proprietary free application, available for both iOS- and Android-devices.

Touch the program icon - and you will see an interactive map in which your location will be marked with a special marker. It remains only to enter the address of the destination - that's all. The rest of the program will do it yourself, calculating the optimal route to the city you need and highlighting the exact cost of the future trip.

Want to change the class of the car to a more inexpensive or vice versa, you want to ride with maximum comfort? One tap - and it's done.

Do you need any additional services like an extra baggage room or issue of a receipt on arrival? Just use the system of additional options.

And, of course, the Shark taxi service is known not only for working around the clock (today it is difficult to surprise), but thanks to a special order distribution algorithm, the transport is surprisingly fast.

Separately, the company took care of those who for some reason or another are uncomfortable to use for ordering a smartphone. The Shark site has a special form that completely copies the functionality of the application.

So if you need a really reliable, fast and inexpensive transport for long-distance transfer from Armyansk to any other place in the Crimea - just use the Shark Taxi service!

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