Application for ordering a taxi

Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi, you can now order a taxi at any time.

Order intercity taxi

In all Crimea today, perhaps, there is no one person who at least once in his life would not have to transfer to another city. Speaking in a simple way - to travel.

At the same time, the vast majority makes trips to other communities of our peninsula with you more often than once a year. Which is not surprising, considering what efforts are being made by taxi services so that you choose their services. Here and round the clock service, and become in recent years, really affordable rates, which allow you to get cheap where you need to.

However, even with this, most of the services remain in terms of quality of service in the long-gone 20 th century. After all, only in order to order a car, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. First you need to find the right phone number in your mobile and call the operator. And then it is necessary to explain what exactly you need, which is not so simple. Not only can the dispatcher misinterpret what you are saying. Often, many of them simply do not understand even the geography of their own city. What can I say about interurban trips, where you need to know every street of both settlements perfectly.

Fortunately, there is a taxi service, radically different from anything you've ever used before.

Shark Taxi: order a long-distance trip in two seconds

With Shark, in order to go to another village in the Crimea, it's enough to have a smartphone with an installed branded application, which you can download at Apple Store, Google Play or Yandex.Store absolutely free of charge.

And believe me: once you use it, you will not want to go anywhere else. After all, it's not just about the most affordable transfer. The main advantage of Shark is maximum convenience.

Enough to enable the program - and it will automatically determine where you are now. It only remains to enter the address of the destination - and it's ready! The system itself will calculate the optimal route and calculate the price of the future trip according to the current long-distance tariffs.

And you can be sure: you need to click on the order confirmation button - and after only a couple of seconds on the interactive map you will see how the machine is heading straight for you. Moreover, you can be sure that you will be served at any time of the day or night, because our service operates around the clock.

Ideal for everyone

And what if you want to change the car class or do you need any additional services (for example, an extra baggage room or a child seat for a small child)?

No problem: the Shark Taxi service has ensured that everyone can choose the ideal option for themselves. Just a couple of touches to the screen of the smartphone - and the necessary options are marked, and their cost is taken into account. And no "surprises": you are guaranteed to receive exactly what you ordered, and exactly at the price that is indicated on the screen.

We also thought about those who are uncomfortable using the phone to call an intercity taxi. For them, on our website there is a special form with the same rich functionality as the application.

So if you want to be able at any time to cheaply order a long-distance taxi in the Crimea and at the same time want to get a really good service at affordable rates - do not waste time in vain. Just download the application from Shark Taxi!

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