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Your opinion matters, or how SHARK Taxi customers influence the quality of service

Your opinion matters, or how SHARK Taxi customers influence the quality of service

For those who are not yet familiar with the mobile application for ordering a taxi SHARK, we advise you to fix it as soon as possible. This service will help you in solving transport problems, will give you a wide choice of car classes for a trip, will perform a variety of services for you from cargo transportation to animal transportation, etc., and the application will help you quickly and conveniently place an order.

The SHARK Taxi team at one time did everything possible to create the fastest, most convenient and practical mobile application for its customers, and continues to improve it with more and more new services to this day. However, have you ever thought that the SHARK mobile application is not only your best way to order a taxi, but also a tool for improving or even changing the whole service? What is it about? Let's tell you now.

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Significant customer/passenger influence

The channels of your influence in the SHARK Taxi service are the assessment of the quality of the drivers' work and the statement of the problems that have arisen during the trip. We will consider them in more detail, so that you understand how important the opinion of each client is for us.

  • Driver rating

When ordering through a mobile application, you may have repeatedly noticed the possibility of evaluating the performance of your particular driver on a particular trip. The rating scale is from 1 to 5 stars. In addition to evaluating the quality of service, you can defiantly declare your attitude and opinion on this matter, and thanks to your assessment, the rating of the declared driver in the service system will continue to form. Your honest assessment, as one of the rating cells, will help analyze the opinion about the work of a SHARK Taxi representative.

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Moreover, if the driver's rating is low, there will be many complaints and disapproving ratings about him, this will attract the attention of the service team, and the range of his actions to perform the next trips will be extremely limited, or even blocked. So, without even thinking about it, you, as if a virtual expert, help to filter and filter out low-quality work.

  • Problem situations

If you have any problems during your trip or at the end of it, you can report it through the SHARK mobile app. How to do it:

  • First of all, open the app, and find the menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the "Order History" section and find all the necessary information that you would like to indicate when contacting.
  • In the main menu, find the "Help" section and open it.
  • You will see a dialog box in which you can contact a service employee with your problem.

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Also, you can notify SHARK Taxi about the problem using the contact information indicated on the website.

Please note that it is necessary to indicate the data about your problem as accurately as possible, this approach will help us resolve the current situation as quickly as possible.

Your opinion is very important

Why is it so important that you closely cooperate with the SHARK Taxi service through the above channels of influence? Because, despite the responsible control and monitoring of the work of their representatives, the human factor and unpredictability of actions often come into play, due to which problem situations arise.

By honestly leaving your rating, comment or statement, you help control the quality of the service from the first person, from the passenger side, and thanks to you we can achieve the ideal level of providing the right travel experience for our customers.

Comfortable and safe trips in Crimea only with SHARK Taxi!