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Answers to the most frequently asked questions
General issues

The Shark Taxi is very different from other companies?

Here you can order a taxi, not dozvanivayas dispatchers. The order goes directly to the driver - and you can be sure that after a few minutes a taxi will be in place.

How to use the service? What are the conditions?

About all the details you can learn from the user agreement, which you can read at the first launch the app or on our website, under "Help".

How can I contact you?

You can leave a response, resorting to the help of the feedback form or send an e-mail. If you want to ask or clarify some point, you may be more convenient to be contacted by phone.

Help drivers

​How much is a feeding machine, 1 km of travel in the city and intercity?

In the section "Tariffs" you can read more about all the current rates for taxi services in your city.

​How is the removal of a license fee and a percentage of the completed order?

The subscription fee is withdrawn once a day, at 6:00. The subscription fee is charged for the previous day and provided that you have completed at least 1 order. The percentage of the completed order is charged after its completion

​How can I cancel the order if no suitable conditions for its implementation or the order has been accepted by mistake? How to do this without losing the rating?

You can use the "Withdraw order" button or write Help in the chat.

​How is the waiting and re-routing?

One minute waiting estimated at 3 RUB.

​What to do if the program does not correctly calculate the mileage and fare?

It is necessary to call the technical support department and inform the existing problem, call start and end points, as well as the correct distance.

​Not always comes alert people to the fact that the machine is in place.

If you are not sure that the client has come notification that you have in place, you can call the customer on their own or you can click "Remind the client" - or call the dispatcher and ask if the system shows that you are on the spot. In the near future will update the drivers for the program, and you can see the information on their own.

​How can I increase the font?

Increase font size can be in your application settings.

​Modes "day/night".

Function added.

​Rotate the screen.

At the moment, this feature works on most tablets. If your device screen rotation is not carried out, we kindly ask to inform the technical support.

​It does not come notification orders.

You need to check all the settings of the program (section "Orders"). Perhaps you have set orders filter settings correctly.

​Upon exiting the application, it still continues to work and send orders.

Bug Fixed

​What is the ranking?

Rating the driver sees the customer who orders the car through the app. The customer will always choose the driver of the rating is higher, because it is - an indicator of reliability of the car and the driver a good job. In the future, drivers with a higher rating will pay a lower fee for orders and to receive encouragement from the various taxi Shark.

​How to start working with the Taxi Shark?

All just to the limit. Simply install a special application, which is linked to the home page, register and get an account approval. Then you can immediately start to fulfill orders.

​How can I make the monthly fee for using the system?

The subscription fee is charged at a fixed amount every day. Money will not be charged if over the past day, you did not fulfill a single order.

​Why do not you are notified that the customer canceled the order?

Comes notification always, perhaps missing the Internet or the phone hung. If you detect a fault, please contact your call sign, brand / model of the phone, the order number on support or call the technical support department.

​When registration takes more than 12 hours, and an SMS with the call sign was not. What is the reason?

Push-notification that you have been activated comes within 24 hours after your registration. See how you can be assigned a call sign under the Cabinet.

​The program does not work action button, what to do?

"Action" button does not work only if the driver did not have the order confirmed.

​Why Shark draws more Internet meter than other applications?

Appendix Shark more advanced and feature-rich software, respectively consumes more intrenet meters and battery. Shark Team is currently engaged in optimizing the application to resolve this problem and will soon be updated, then the problem should go away.

​Do not come orders on video capture?

Currently Autolock principle works as follows: when you receive the order, the program reads the next one-time 12 drivers who have enabled "Automatic snap" mode and offers everyone the order, after which the order falls into the free air and, accordingly, do you think that does not work Automatic snap. Shark-team developing a new principle of distribution of orders, which will be offered to order the driver to the nearest given its location, road conditions, driver rating in the system, the driver's wishes, the brand cars and many other indicators - orders will distribute the robot automatically!

​When will add for a stop along the way?

Currently, there are allowances for intermediate address.

​What to do, if not filled up your call?

It is necessary to call our Technical Support department to call your call sign and the call sign of the driver, which you accidentally replenished. If this information is confirmed, you will throw cash.

Change the font color, nothing is visible! The background is yellow and the font is pink.

You need to go to the phone settings and select: "Themes" - "Dark mode" - "Advanced" - "Individual applications", set the slider on the Shark Driver application. After that, this topic will not apply to our application.

The client has forgotten things in the car

1. After each client it is necessary to inspect the salon for forgotten items.

2. If you find things that do not belong to you, do not accept the next order.

3. As soon as possible, contact the QC department in the app in the "Help" section.

4. Wait for the connection with the client to discuss how to return the item forgotten by the client. To avoid such situations, you need to regularly inspect the cabin after each passenger and remind clients at the end of the trip to check if they have taken all the things.

What to do if there was a conflict situation with a client

If you have a conflict situation with a client, please immediately contact the "Help" section so that we can resolve the conflict, a video from the registrar is welcome.

What is the commission for an order?

You can get acquainted with the information yourself in the application, section "Info" - "Tariffs"

How is the calculation of compensation for a canceled order

Compensation for canceled orders in the amount of 10 points is awarded on a first come, first served basis, provided that the Onsite command was clicked.

What is an order for bonuses, a promotional code, what are surcharges and an increased tariff?

Sharkbonuses are an analogue of non-cash payments.

"Payment by bonuses" - this means that you do not take cash from the client, the funds are credited to your balance after the order is completed.

"Promo code" is a discount that the company provides to the client at its own expense, the difference comes to your balance after the order is completed.

"Surcharge per order" is a display of the discount that the customer has taken advantage of.

"Increased tariff" is a reflection of the margin for free orders, for a bad road, and increased demand.

​When the SOS button?

Implementation of this feature is pending.

Why is the profile blocked? Please activate your profile. Questions how to replace a car / photo. Request to activate a new driver

The reason for the shutdown is displayed on the "Work" screen, if you have any questions, you can always write to the section: "Help".

Profile activation occurs in turn, when 100% of the information is filled in.

To change the information about the car, you need to go to "Personal Account" - "Yellow Gear" - "Data about the car", after making changes, click - "Update".

Please recalculate the order + (point A is indicated incorrectly)

You make all the changes yourself: the "Action" button - "Recalculate the order". If the point of delivery is indicated incorrectly or it is necessary to recalculate the order downwards, please refer to the "Help" section.

Is it possible to change the customer's rating?

It is technically impossible to change the given grade, the client has the right to give the grade that he considers correct.

Customer support

How do I order a Shark Taxi?

It is enough to launch our client application on your phone, enter the destination and, if necessary, select the required tariff. That's it: your car will arrive soon!

How to enter a taxi address?

When launched, the app automatically sets your location. If you need to change the taxi pick-up location, you can enter the address in the text box at the top of the screen. Just type in the street name and house number and then click “OK” to finish.

Can I indicate the point of delivery of the car directly on the map?

On the map, you can select the address with a pin, then it will be fixed at the points of the route.

Useful documents
We have gathered for you all the necessary documentation,
both for customers and for drivers.