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Economy, standard or comfort: which taxi class is right for your trip in 2021?

Economy, standard or comfort: which taxi class is right for your trip in 2021?

In 2021, it comes as no surprise to anyone that taxis are among the most popular services provided. This is due to the fact that everyone needs to travel every day, the difficulty is only in which service to choose, and which class of taxi to choose for yourself. Obviously, in order for you to feel as comfortable, calm and safe as possible when choosing any class of taxi, you need to choose a proven and reliable service. In this case, SHARK Taxi is always at your service.

So, when planning a single trip, or in the company of 2-4 people, to move around the city and beyond, the best option for a taxi would be economy, standard, or comfort. There is little to do — to understand for yourself their difference, and to determine the most acceptable conditions for yourself and your loved ones.

Differences between classes and fares on the example of SHARK Taxi

  • Economy taxi

Let's start with the most common tariff among clients — “Economy” taxi. This class of taxi is distinguished by extremely low prices for the service, however, it meets all the required parameters of serviceability, grooming and quality of service. Within the framework of this tariff, fresh cars of domestic production, small-sized and budget models work.

The conditions are the most favorable: for example, in Simferopol, the minimum order for the “Economy” tariff starts at just 100 rubles. So, from one point of the city to another you can get there not only quickly and safely, but also quite economically.

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  • Taxi Standard

The "Standard" tariff is distinguished by more spacious cars, with spacious salons, which means that it is possible to travel more comfortably in small groups of people. Do not be confused by the fact that standard taxis are cars of the middle price segment, nevertheless, they are very comfortable, more functionally equipped than cars of the “Economy” segment, and everything is also available to any client, thanks to the moderation of the tariff.

In Yalta, choosing the “Standard” tariff, you can go in the direction of your destination, starting from 150 rubles for the service. Affordable and affordable.

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  • Taxi Comfort

Choosing the "Comfort" tariff, you can make sure that it speaks for itself: the latest brands and models of cars, modern technical equipment, presentable appearance, spacious interior, and full equipment:

  • efficient air conditioning;
  • climate control;
  • airbags;
  • power windows;
  • parking sensors and systems;
  • sunroof and other components, depending on the car model.

This tariff is suitable for those who are not used to saving on their needs and requirements, who want to travel in conditions of maximum comfort, and will not mind doing it in the most profitable way for their personal budget. In Sevastopol, for example, you can go on a trip around the city in a comfort taxi from 155 rubles per trip.

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To summarize, we have considered the most popular and affordable fares for travel alone, for two, or for a small company. And since these trips happen most often, it is necessary to select the most acceptable conditions for yourself, and this must be done extremely responsibly.

Choose the tariff that suits you best and order a taxi from the SHARK service. Comfortable rides are affordable!