Application for work in Shark Taxi by car

Receive orders at any time of day and year of your car directly.

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Download the application!

In order to install the Shark Taxi Driver application, just go to the link above or go to Google Play Market or Yandex Store, Type the name of the application, go to the page and click the "Install" button.

It is even easier to update the program: you need to go to the "Installed" section in the Play Market or Yandex Store on your smartphone and select the option "Update".

Warning: in no case do not download the application from other sites or file storage. When downloading from a third-party resource, there is no guarantee that the application will not contain viruses and similar malicious programs.

Introduction to the application!

After you installed and started Shark Taxi - Driver, on the phone screen you will see the initial screen of the application with the following items:

  • Log in: if you are already registered, with this button you can log in and start executing orders.
  • Registration: Before you start working on the system, you will have to register. With this button you can proceed to this procedure.

At the bottom there is a red "Technical Support" button, thanks to which you can contact the appropriate department at any time to solve the problem - either by message or by a direct call.

Registration in the application!

To complete the registration in the system, you need to go through 4 simple steps:

  • 1) On the first screen you will need to enter your personal information. Upload photo, enter name, date of birth and city of residence.
  • 2) Further it will be necessary to enter data about your car, upload its photo, select a make and model from the list, manually enter the year of manufacture of the car and its state number.
  • 3) On the next screen, enter additional services that you can provide. Please note that the more services are marked, the more orders will be available for execution.
  • 4) At the last step enter the contact number of your phone and press the button to get the activation code. When the SMS arrives, enter the code in the empty field and end the registration by clicking the appropriate button.

Congratulations: registration is complete!

Completion of registration!

After you have completed the registration, it should take some time before you get access to the orders.

Our moderators manually check each application. As a rule, if all the data is entered correctly, it will not take more than two hours.

If you make a mistake in the process, or if some details require additional clarification, the operator will call you back and clarify the necessary information.

After a successful moderation, you can log in and start working.

Moderation of applications is round the clock. The maximum period for consideration at the current moment is 24 hours from the date of filing the application.

Sign in to the Shark Taxi application

To start working at Shark Taxi, you need to enter the phone number that you indicated during registration and click "Get SMS code".

The received code must be entered into the empty field and click the "Login" button. After that you can start executing orders.

If you installed the program on another smartphone or edited personal information about yourself or your car, you will need to log in to your account again.

Attention! Drivers of Shark Taxi can not work under the same account simultaneously on several devices.

The main application screen!

When you enter the work area of the Shark Taxi application - the Driver, you will be taken to the main screen. Here you can monitor the available orders in real time.

The main screen is:

  • "Free" button: displays your ready status for new orders. If you click on it, the status changes to Busy, and you stop receiving notifications of new orders.
  • Orders 50/1. Contains information about the existing orders for the city. The first digit displays the number of orders currently executed, the second digit indicates the number of free orders at the moment.
  • The driver's picture and the number 343 next to her: shows that at the moment the city has 343 taxi drivers.
  • In the upper right corner are the buttons necessary to go to other sections of the program menu. You can also jump by sliding your finger across the screen from right to left.

All orders are displayed in the order of remoteness of the car delivery point: the nearest ones are at the top, the farthest are at the bottom.

Example: the top order data includes:

  • The place where the taxi is served (point A) and the end point of the trip (point B);
  • Distance between you and the client (5.9 km);
  • The length of the route from the landing site to the final point (7.6 km);
  • The price of the order (240 rubles.)

By clicking on the order, you will receive more information

Order details

After clicking on the order, the application will display the following information:

  • # 4015277: the registered order number of the order;
  • Headphone icon: the order is received through the dispatcher. If the customer ordered a taxi using a smartphone on iOS or Android, the icon of the corresponding operating system will be displayed. When ordering on the site, the computer icon is displayed. Each type of order is charged in its own way. You can find out more in the section "Tariffs".
  • "Accept Order" button: when clicked, you confirm the receipt of the order and the readiness to proceed with its execution.
  • Navigator: automatically builds a route from your location to the client and from it - to the final destination point. To use this function, you must additionally install Yandex.Navigator.
  • Show route: tracks your position and shows the route from your car to the customer, and then - to your destination.
  • The tariff is increased (in this case + 10%): the price is formed by studying all the details of the order. The mark-up is formed depending on weather conditions, quality of roads and congestion of the city. If you accepted an order for which the markup is included, you will see it in your order details.
  • Took: records the time at which you took the order.
  • On-site: shows the time when you notified the customer that they already arrived at the place where they should pick it up (or when system auto-alerting has been triggered).
  • Called: records the time at which you notified the client that you are already in place.
  • Met: when the customer gets into the car (you have to manually confirm this point by clicking the "Met" button).

Below is information about the customer who made the order

  • Name;
  • Contact phone number;
  • The total number of sales orders in the Shark Taxi system;
  • The class of the machine that the client has chosen.
Service standards Shark Taxi

The following customer service standards are strongly recommended for implementation by all drivers Shark Taxi service and included in the training course.
Their observance will help you to quickly raise your rankings in the system, often receive gratuities from passengers and to prevent the decline in personal rating and the possible blocking of your personal account.

1. Preparing for the trip
  • Before you get started, be sure to check that your car was undamaged.
  • Before leaving, check how much is left of fuel in the tank: it shall not be less than one-third of the tank.
  • Make sure the car was clean, both inside and in the cabin. Make sure that the cabin did not have any extra things (this applies to both the trunk and the passenger compartment).
  • Handles, window sills and have to be clean.
  • Air in the car should be clean. It is unacceptable that there were sharp and / or unpleasant odors into the cabin.
  • The driver should always look clean and neat.
  • The machine should always be made exactly at the specified address of the client, taking into account all the wishes of its specified when ordering.
  • Absolutely unacceptable to be late to order. If you do not have time, you have to apologize to your customer on our behalf.
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2. Embarking and disembarking passengersов
  • As the landing and landing of passengers out of the taxi are required to be carried out in accordance with current traffic regulations:
    Only after the vehicle is completely stopped;
    If there are no obstacles for the vehicle free entry or exit (pools, fences, etc.);
  • The driver should always help the passenger door open.
  • The front row of seats you should be maximally positioned firmly forward; Seat back angle shall not exceed 90 degrees.
  • The taxi driver is obliged to assist the passenger when loading luggage, it is placed in the cabin, as well as the unloading on arrival into place.
  • If you serve children, the elderly or disabled, you have to help them get into the car and landing from it.
  • You must abide by the standard rules of transportation in the cabin pets and personal baggage clients.
  • If your passengers want to use additional services, in your responsibility to inform the client about their value and the need to pay for them over the cost of the trip.
  • Before to make a stop and disembark passengers, the driver is obliged to inquire where it will be more convenient to go out.
  • After the disembarkation of the passenger is required to inspect the interior of car for forgotten belongings. If any are found, it is necessary to contact directly with the dispatcher, and who forgot to pass them to the client.
3. Safety and comfort
  • Remember: the continued compliance of traffic rules is a must. The movement should be carried out with the vehicle velocity. Making a sudden and unexpected maneuvers prohibited.
  • The driver is obliged to create a comfortable environment in the cabin, corresponding to the customer's wishes (seat adjustment, temperature, volume, radio station playing).
  • It is forbidden while driving to talk on the phone.
  • If the client is talking on the phone. you need to mute the radio volume.
4. Payment of travel
  • If payment for the trip takes place in the dark, it is necessary for the convenience of the customer and eliminate the possibility of fraud include additional lighting.
  • If the customer pays for the trip in cash, you have to give him change from bills of any denomination.
5. The friendly and attentive
  • The driver must always look clean and neat, to behave professionally, friendly and friendly to the client. Do not forget to welcome the passengers and to say goodbye to him, to thank for the fact that it uses the Shark Taxi service.
  • The driver should always arrive on the client landing place in time.
  • Call for customer specified in the order contact number is allowed only in extreme cases (if it is delayed or you can not arrive at a landing site at the time). At the end of the trip to make calls to the client is strictly forbidden (except if you found them in the cabin forgotten things).
  • The driver must pre-specify the preferred route of travel and the end point. If the client does not show specific wishes, the trip should be carried out on the most optimal (shortest) route.
  • It is not recommended to ask the client to leave the positive feedback to the driver or to hint at what is to leave a tip.
  • If the passenger did not speak to you, we suggest you keep quiet.
  • Stay within the accepted norms of courtesy and business etiquette. Avoid heated discussions, do not argue with the customer, do not impose your own opinion, do not criticize the service Shark Taxi.
Gross violations of standards Shark Taxi
  • Demonstration of weapons passenger or storage in the near or reach of the client (the cause of frequent complaints, as well as a potential threat to the safety of both passengers and driver).
  • Rough handling with the client, to provoke conflict, attempts to forcibly hold the passenger in the elephant, trying to influence the physical, contact with a passenger after the execution of the order (is not the only cause of conflicts and complaints from customers, but also entails legal liability).
  • Assigning forgotten in the cabin of things forgotten by passengers (this action is theft, and criminally prosecuted).
  • The absence of documents, use of false documents (or expired), the work of someone else using your account Shark Taxi (a criminal offense and may result in account lock desktop)
  • Fraud and various frauds in relation to the client (a criminal offense).

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