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The best application I've ever seen.
What you need: indeed, you can catch a taxi in a couple of seconds. Now I will always use only sharkom.
Compared with the usual attempts to dial to the operator - in general, heaven and earth.
To be honest, I thought that it would slow down on my smartphone. Was pleasantly surprised - works fine.
Ideal for a busy person. Very convenient: thanks to the developers.
Just a great app. I will now call the car just like this.
For some time now I use the Shark taxi application. All I can say is a very convenient and high-quality service.
From time to time I use taxi services. After I tried Shark, now I will only apply to you. Thank you so much.
I liked that everything is very simple and beautiful, it's very easy to understand the application. A taxi is called by a couple of tapes on the screen. I recommend to everyone.
I really like that the taxi driver always knows where I am. Very cool feature with GPS: the car drives up in a couple of minutes.
Shark taxi services are used by all friendly staff. In our opinion, Shark perfectly combines the cost of service, mobility and professionalism of drivers.
A very reliable taxi, people work professionally and know the business they are dealing with. The machine did not have to wait long, they always arrive on time. The drivers are experienced and drive confidently that, of course, pleases. I advise everyone who appreciates time and takes care of their nerves.
Used Shark! Liked! Pleasant driver, clean car, unobtrusive radio ... What else is needed for a comfortable and safe trip ?!
I want to express my gratitude to Shark taxi. It is felt that the company's management tried and organized a company that is focused on comfort. The company meets all the requirements of modern people: mobility, quality and reliability. The drivers are cultured and polite, the cars are clean and always served on time. I use the services of the company for a long time, I do not regret it, since it never failed me.
Shark is an excellent taxi. The last time was very late, the car was filed quickly. I was driven by a polite driver. I advise you to use the services of this taxi.
I like the service: they arrive on time, the cars are clean. Somehow I ordered a taxi for a trip with a little nephew. I have specified this information to the dispatcher, and the car has arrived already with a children's armchair. Here it is service !!!
I would like to express my gratitude to Shark taxi. For a long time I have been using the services of this company and they never failed. The car is served on time and the drivers are very good. The last time you needed a taxi to the airport, so the girl operators advised how much to order in connection with traffic jams. In general, thank you very much to Sharku for the service, really a very good taxi.
I want to praise the company Shark for fast delivery and low prices. I believe that this is the most reliable taxi. Thank you for being!
Pleased to surprise. The car came within 10 minutes, the driver was polite, competent, accurate. I'm afraid to jinx it, as usual, but for now let's stop on this taxi.
This company can be safely trusted. Always I order from them to the airport - never failed.

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