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Thanks to the mobile application Shark Taxi now you can order a taxi at any time of the day.

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Order a taxi online - one click!

Specially designed for Shark Taxi app for iOS and Android - the easiest and fastest to date way to order a taxi.

No need to spend your precious time on the dial the operator does not need to look for the form of online ordering a taxi. Moreover, now you do not even need to wait until the next taxi driver available to take your order and find as you drive up.

Now it is enough to use the application - and you can be sure that after a couple of seconds you chose the driver hit the road to pick you up and leave. It is much more convenient than the traditional taxi - and even than the taxi Online.

However, even if all of a sudden sharp change of circumstances, and you will have to cancel the trip, no problem. Simply press the button - and the program will notify taxi drivers cancellations.

Here everything is done for the convenience of our customers: a nice simple interface, the function of storing your most frequently used routes - and more.

Search taxi for a few seconds

Now you can bring the car even faster than online ordering taxis. With our application, search for the driver, ready to go to you, it takes literally a few seconds.

All you need to do to you - check. whether the application is correctly identified your location on the map and specify a radius of drivers search.

Right after that you will see on the screen all the cars are ready to go on your order. Select you can any one of them.

And what to do if you need to, no matter what it was in time for an important meeting? Especially for you we made the option that is not available in the normal ordering a taxi online - the "emergency call". Simply select this option - and the machine will not take long.

And, as with the Internet ordering a taxi, you can be sure that the quality of service will always be on top. And if you want to share a personal experience using the services of Shark Taxi, you can do so using the application functions "Leave a comment".

Such a simple and at the same time extremely efficient system allows us to provide you with quality service, and you - to choose only the best taxi drivers.

Exhaustive information about drivers

In the traditional order a taxi online is extremely lacking important information about the drivers and their cars. Shark Taxi using corporate applications corrected this annoying nuisance once and for all.

With us, each order you will see not only cars available in radius, but also detailed information about them: the brand of car, driver's name, rating, and comments left by other users.

At the same time, in contrast to the online ordering a taxi, you get all the important data in real time, to the point where there is currently chosen driver.

By the way, he also sees where you are. So you can not worry: the machine will be filed in such a short period of time as possible.

delivery time taxi choose you!

The main objective of Shark Taxi - make our services as accessible as possible, not only, but also as more comfortable for the client, you can.

It's not just the convenience of ordering a taxi online or by using our applications, but also provide you with as many options for additional services when you call the car.

And, of course, we think of those who prefer to call a taxi for a certain time.

Simply specify when ordering the driver must be in place and confirm the order. Everything else will make our program. In this course you will know in advance the trip mileage and its costs.

If you need to let your friends you followed the same route - will be enough to share them at any of the popular social network with a built-in app.

The abundance of more options

How often, when ordering a taxi online you do not have enough opportunity to specify the points that are important to you personally for a truly comfortable ride?

With us it is possible. Shark Taxi app lets you choose options for additional services (or just a trip options), which are suitable for you.

Do you need to transport bulky luggage, a pet or a child to be able to smoke on the road or relax under the light breeze conditioner - simply specify the appropriate option or options during the ordering process.

We also take into account the needs of those to whom it is more convenient to pay for time spent on the road time, not mileage. And, of course, if you - on a business trip and you need a receipt, just select the appropriate option, and get it at the end of your trip.

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and tried to realize all you wish.