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Shark Taxi: The cheapest taxi in the city

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Free SHARK app - faster and cheaper than calling a taxi operator
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The benefits of a mobile application
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Ordering a car in just
a few clicks
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The ability
to pay by bonuses
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The tariff is 20% lower, than
when a taxi ordered by phone
You can choose a tariff
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Cargo taxi
Order through the application
Step 1: launch the application
Step 2: choosing a route
Step 3: Choose a tariff
Step 4: Payment method
Step 5: Order
Step 1: launch the application
“It's faster than calling an operator“
Step 2: choosing a route
“You can quickly specify the point "home", "work" or choose a different address“
Step 3: Choose a tariff
“The choice of a suitable class of car or other services“
Step 4: Payment method
“ Cash or bonuses (if you have saved up)“
Step 5: Order
“You can see the whole process of finding a car and how it is coming to you“
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Our rates

Low-cost or small-sized car models, as well as fresh domestic cars that meet all parameters


Cars of the middle price segment for single trips or small companies


Comfortable cars with a spacious interior, air conditioning and a number of other advantages


Large-sized cars for companies of more than 4 people, with a spacious cargo compartment and a spacious interior


Small-tonnage cars with a large cargo compartment and the presence of 2 passenger seats

Tow truck
Tow truck

Special vehicle designed for loading, unloading and transporting cars


Driver services to transport you to the specified address


Purchase the goods you need, and transport them to the specified address


Transportation of a small parcel weighing up to 20 kg


Business class cars for executive trips

Station wagon
Station wagon

Universal car for a comfortable trip


Car equipped with a child seat


Traveling with an animal


For travel by companies

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Our phone numbers+79789333333
Payment formCash, SHARK bonuses
Car feedwithin 7 minutes
Minimum taxi order100 RUB
Price by city (km/rub)18 RUB/km
Price outside the city (km/rub)19 RUB/km
Cost of waiting for a taxi3 rub/min
Our servicesEconomy
Tow truck
Station wagon
Our vehicle fleet

Economy class: VAZ 2110 Daewoo Lanos, Lada Priora

Standard: Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Escort, Renault Logan

Minivan: Mercedes-Vito, Volkswagen Transporter, Hyundai H-20

Comfort: Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion, Volkswagen Jetta, Renault Megane

Business: Toyota Camry, KIA Optima, BMW 3

Station wagon: Renault Logan, Lada Vesta, Fiat Doblo

Minibus: Mercedes-Vito, Mercedes-Viano, Hyundai H-200

Tow truck: GAZ 3110

Trucks: Mercedes Sprinter Classic, GAZ 33023, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter

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Berg — Railway Station140 rub
Airport — Berg400 rub
Railway Station, Resort bus station, Gagarina st., 2 — Black Pharmacy, Gorky st., 7130 rub
Palace of Pioneers, Kirov Ave., 51 — Titova hospital, Titova st., 77150 rub
Main post office, Rosa Luxemburg st., 1 — Bus station, Kievskaya st., 4130 rub
Yerevan complex, Russian st., 77 — Meganom TC, Evpatoria highway, 8190 rub
Apple, Kechkemetskaya, Kechkemetskaya st., 1 — village Molodezhnoe200 rub
Auchan shopping center, Kievskaya st., 189 — ST Sosnovy Bor, Olechuk st., 68250 rub
Pilot of the shopping center, Sevastopolskaya st., 31E — Gagarinsky park from side. Tolstoy, main entrance, Kievskaya st., 80160 rub
SC Novatsentr, Victory ave., 245 — Moskoltso, Gagarina st., 34170 rub
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Simferopol - Krasnoperekopsk2240 rub2960 rub4240 rub9210 rub
Simferopol - Armyansk2820 rub3410 rub4880 rub10590 rub
Simferopol - Evpatoria1460 rub1770 rub2530 rub5580 rub
Simferopol - Saki1020 rub1240 rub1770 rub3970 rub
Simferopol - Bakhchisarai730 rub880 rub1260 rub2890 rub
Simferopol - Sevastopol1800 rub2180 rub3110 rub6830 rub
Simferopol - Yalta1710 rub2070 rub2930 rub6400 rub
Simferopol - Alushta1020 rub1240 rub1770 rub3970 rub
Simferopol - Sudak2060 rub2500 rub3570 rub7800 rub
Simferopol - Feodosia2440 rub2950 rub4220 rub9180 rub
Simferopol - Kerch3950 rub4780 rub6850 rub14750 rub
Simferopol - Dzhankoy1860 rub2250 rub3220 rub7050 rub
Simferopol - Alupka2080 rub2500 rub3540 rub7640 rub
Simferopol - Belogorsk950 rub1160 rub1650 rub3720 rub
Simferopol - Gaspra1960 rub2360 rub3340 rub7230 rub
Simferopol - Balaclava1430 rub1740 rub2480 rub5490 rub
Simferopol - Gurzuf1430 rub1730 rub2440 rub5350 rub
Simferopol - Zaozernoe1610 rub1950 rub2760 rub6030 rub
Simferopol - Kanaka2210 rub2550 rub3390 rub6740 rub
Simferopol - Katsiveli2130 rub2580 rub3690 rub8050 rub
Simferopol - Kacha1280 rub1560 rub2220 rub4930 rub
Simferopol - Koktebel2450 rub2960 rub4200 rub9090 rub
Simferopol - Kurortnoye2620 rub3180 rub4550 rub9880 rub
Simferopol - Laspi1820 rub2200 rub3140 rub6890 rub
Simferopol - Livadia1820 rub2190 rub3090 rub6700 rub
Simferopol - Lyubimovka1230 rub1500 rub2130 rub4750 rub
Simferopol - Malorechenskoe1620 rub1900 rub2580 rub5360 rub
Simferopol - Maliy Mayak1250 rub1510 rub2120 rub4680 rub
Simferopol - Mirniy1940 rub2360 rub3370 rub7370 rub
Simferopol - Miskhor2030 rub2440 rub3450 rub7460 rub
Simferopol - Morskoe2020 rub2450 rub3500 rub7660 rub
Simferopol - Nikolaevka860 rub1040 rub1480 rub3370 rub
Simferopol - Novoolekseevka900 rub1090 rub1550 rub3520 rub
Simferopol - Novofedorovka1090 rub1320 rub1880 rub4210 rub
Simferopol - Noviy Svet3120 rub3590 rub4740 rub9280 rub
Simferopol - Olenevka3140 rub3800 rub5440 rub11760 rub
Simferopol - Ordzhonikidze2450 rub2970 rub4250 rub9230 rub
Simferopol - Partenit1350 rub1620 rub2290 rub5030 rub
Simferopol - Peschanoye1040 rub1270 rub1810 rub4050 rub
Simferopol - Popovka1950 rub2360 rub3380 rub7390 rub
Simferopol - Rybachye2000 rub2300 rub3020 rub5960 rub
Simferopol - Santa Barbara1340 rub1610 rub2270 rub4990 rub
Simferopol - Semidvorie1400 rub1630 rub2180 rub4470 rub
Simferopol - Simeiz2130 rub2560 rub3630 rub7830 rub
Simferopol - Satera1530 rub1780 rub2400 rub4940 rub
Simferopol - Taigan1040 rub1250 rub1770 rub3950 rub
Simferopol - Uglovoye1210 rub1460 rub2070 rub4580 rub
Simferopol - Foros2000 rub2410 rub3440 rub7480 rub
Simferopol - Chernomorskoye2780 rub3370 rub4800 rub6480 rub
Simferopol - Shtormovoye1910 rub2310 rub3280 rub7160 rub
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Kira Kalashnikova
Kira Kalashnikova
Feodosia, 02.10.2021

I was late for work, called Shark, and finally managed to arrive on time. Thanks for the quick feed and the ride!

Eva Emelyanova
Eva Emelyanova
Simferopol, 19.10.2021

I really like that the Shark service is universal, all transport services are in one application, very convenient!


I am a person far from technology, I am not aware of any new products, I always order a taxi by phone, and then my son told me that there is an application, downloaded it...


Nice service. Of course, there are shortcomings, but the price / quality wins. Therefore, I will continue to use your service.

Alexey Biryukov
Dzhankoy, 28.10.2021

Thank you for helping out with the move, I can confidently recommend the "Cargo" taxi.


In a taxi, Shark pleases a lot. The cars I ordered are always clean. The drivers are polite and do not turn on the music at full volume, which is deafening and sometimes very annoying....


Personally, I like Shark Taxi! I have been using the services for about two years and everything is fine. What can be said about drivers - all people are different, their cars are also different....


I rarely use taxi services, and, lo and behold! For such ridiculous money, a clean, neat gray foreign car arrived, a polite and pleasant driver was driving, drove quickly and accurately. Personally, I really liked...


Good day! I am very glad that you are still working and keeping your brand. The service is still the same, well done! Keep it up! Good luck guys!


I ordered the Economy tariff. The driver arrived in a Mercedes - very nice! Thank!!!

Answers to the most frequently asked questions
General issues

The Shark Taxi is very different from other companies?

Here you can order a taxi, not dozvanivayas dispatchers. The order goes directly to the driver - and you can be sure that after a few minutes a taxi will be in place.

How to use the service? What are the conditions?

About all the details you can learn from the user agreement, which you can read at the first launch the app or on our website, under "Help".

How can I contact you?

You can leave a response, resorting to the help of the feedback form or send an e-mail. If you want to ask or clarify some point, you may be more convenient to be contacted by phone.

Help for drivers

​How much is a feeding machine, 1 km of travel in the city and intercity?

In the section "Tariffs" you can read more about all the current rates for taxi services in your city.

​How is the removal of a license fee and a percentage of the completed order?

The subscription fee is withdrawn once a day, at 6:00. The subscription fee is charged for the previous day and provided that you have completed at least 1 order. The percentage of the completed order is charged after its completion

​How can I cancel the order if no suitable conditions for its implementation or the order has been accepted by mistake? How to do this without losing the rating?

You can use the "Withdraw order" button or write Help in the chat.

​How is the waiting and re-routing?

One minute waiting estimated at 3 RUB.

​What to do if the program does not correctly calculate the mileage and fare?

It is necessary to call the technical support department and inform the existing problem, call start and end points, as well as the correct distance.

​Not always comes alert people to the fact that the machine is in place.

If you are not sure that the client has come notification that you have in place, you can call the customer on their own or you can click "Remind the client" - or call the dispatcher and ask if the system shows that you are on the spot. In the near future will update the drivers for the program, and you can see the information on their own.

​How can I increase the font?

Increase font size can be in your application settings.

​Modes "day/night".

Function added.

​Rotate the screen.

At the moment, this feature works on most tablets. If your device screen rotation is not carried out, we kindly ask to inform the technical support.

​When registering "eject" from the program and write "Application Error".

At the moment, this fault is eliminated when working on most devices. If your device this problem persists, please contact the technical support.

With uploading the picture gives an error "Unfortunately, the app stopped".

Try to re-register, but upload photos at a lower resolution. If the problem persists, please report this to technical support and report the brand and model of phone.

​It does not come notification orders.

You need to check all the settings of the program (section "Orders"). Perhaps you have set orders filter settings correctly.

​Upon exiting the application, it still continues to work and send orders.

Bug Fixed

​Some street names in Russian, some - in Ukrainian. How to fix it?

Shark app works with different map, so the names will be displayed matches the settings are automatically assigned different navigator.

Currently, work is underway to address this problem. For your convenience, the controller will duplicate the Ukrainian street names in the comments in Russian. In detail order, you can click on the customer's address and get accurate information in Russian.

​What is the ranking?

Rating the driver sees the customer who orders the car through the app. The customer will always choose the driver of the rating is higher, because it is - an indicator of reliability of the car and the driver a good job. In the future, drivers with a higher rating will pay a lower fee for orders and to receive encouragement from the various taxi Shark.

​How to start working with the Taxi Shark?

All just to the limit. Simply install a special application, which is linked to the home page, register and get an account approval. Then you can immediately start to fulfill orders.

​How can I make the monthly fee for using the system?

The subscription fee is charged at a fixed amount every day. Money will not be charged if over the past day, you did not fulfill a single order.

​Why do not you are notified that the customer canceled the order?

Comes notification always, perhaps missing the Internet or the phone hung. If you detect a fault, please contact your call sign, brand / model of the phone, the order number on support or call the technical support department.

​What you need to press so as not to come orders from other areas?

In the "My Account", select "Orders" and "search radius", and put the necessary mileage your search order.

​When registration takes more than 12 hours, and an SMS with the call sign was not. What is the reason?

Push-notification that you have been activated comes within 24 hours after your registration. See how you can be assigned a call sign under the Cabinet.

​The program does not work action button, what to do?

"Action" button does not work only if the driver did not have the order confirmed.

​Why Shark draws more Internet meter than other applications?

Appendix Shark more advanced and feature-rich software, respectively consumes more intrenet meters and battery. Shark Team is currently engaged in optimizing the application to resolve this problem and will soon be updated, then the problem should go away.

​In the background (for example, turn a program and call the Customer) program closes. How to fix?

If the program is not close to collapse, then it was closed, but did not turn. It may even be that the phone does not have enough RAM, and as a consequence of this phone is forced closes or blocks the application.

​Do not come orders on video capture?

Currently Autolock principle works as follows: when you receive the order, the program reads the next one-time 12 drivers who have enabled "Automatic snap" mode and offers everyone the order, after which the order falls into the free air and, accordingly, do you think that does not work Automatic snap. Shark-team developing a new principle of distribution of orders, which will be offered to order the driver to the nearest given its location, road conditions, driver rating in the system, the driver's wishes, the brand cars and many other indicators - orders will distribute the robot automatically!

​When will add for a stop along the way?

Currently, there are allowances for intermediate address.

​What to do, if not filled up your call?

It is necessary to call our Technical Support department to call your call sign and the call sign of the driver, which you accidentally replenished. If this information is confirmed, you will throw cash.

​How do I make the client to the black list?

It is necessary to call our Technical Support department, called the order number and the reason why the client should be blacklisted.

​What to do if the program gives orders to the area where I am not?

We need to come first in the map that is in the program in the "Jobs" section to check whether he feykovye location is not worth it, if there is a disconnect if the orders still come then you need to disable the Internet, turn off Location Services, and restart your device then first turn on the Internet again, then the location and go into the program.

​What are margins in the rush hour and during bad weather?

At the moment, the margin is set manually in advance, but the task is to mark-automatic robot was exhibited at the cluster of orders for specific areas or for the whole city.

​Should there be a second call, if more than one car? (For example, there are cars and minivans)

Yes, but you need to register on different phone numbers

​Why write orders available so much, and no one to be seen?

Displays all orders that are in operation. They include orders that are available on Autolock, in turn, one driver, and free orders throughout the city that are visible to everyone.

​If the customer does not respond, what action?

Try the call again. If the customer continues not to take up the phone - call the dispatcher. Manager tries to call yourself twice. If the customer continues not to take up the phone, the dispatcher will make failure and the client will bring to the blacklist.

​When the driver arrived to order another car from our company?

It is necessary to fix the order number, license plate number of the driver who came to order with you and communicate this information to technical support department. Perhaps the driver came to order, without confirming it, so decided to deceive the company and to substitute you. If this information is confirmed, the measures taken.

​What to do if you went to a remote area and Autolock in this area do not really get the order? how to increase the range Autolock?

Automatic snap can put up to 2 km. In this case, you need to take orders from the free air!

​When the SOS button?

Implementation of this feature is pending.

Help for clients

​What is the difference Shark Taxi from other taxi services?

We work controllers. Each order goes directly to the driver - so the car we have served so fast.

​What are the conditions for using the service?

Learn all the details and read the user agreement when you first launch the app, or by going to the "Help" section of our website.

​How to contact you?

Leave a comment, you can using a special feedback form or writing to us at the email. You can also call on these phones bottom of the page.

Order a taxi in Simferopol online | Shark Taxi in Simferopol - Image 28

Would you like to call a cheap taxi in Simferopol?«Shark Taxi»: fast, cheap, good quality.

The fastest taxi Simferopol at a glance

More than once had to order a taxi in the city? Then you know exactly how uncomfortable to dial the operator and try to explain to him exactly where to submit the car -. And where you need to take
This is especially frustrating when you, for example, an urgent need to call a taxi to the airport or call the car the night <. br> Fortunately, the taxi Sharq you can forget about these difficulties.

If you choose our taxi, Simferopol will be for you as close as possible - at any point. After all, by eliminating the company's dispatchers and services place us not only failed to make the services affordable and accessible. Does the car you are online or using an application for smartphones, the process is so simple and clear that the taxi is not difficult even for people far removed from the high-tech.

At the same time you really see the whole city in full view. The place where you are in the airport, destination ... all at a click distance.

You can specify exactly where to file a taxi Simferopol in the form of cards spread in front of you. And with the same speed you can specify the destination.

At the same time via the app or call the site a cheap taxi, you can at any time of the day - from the airport or to get to an important meeting on time - and be sure that you will be served quickly and efficiently.

Catch time: really quick and cheap taxi

With our taxi Simferopol becomes convenient as never before.
Running late to the airport or at a business meeting? It is necessary to call a taxi for a trip around the city cheaply after a noisy party with friends? With taxi Shark - no problem. After all, this company only operates in Simferopol more than a hundred drivers who are ready to take your order at any time.

This innovative system allows you to see both online via the website or application of all taxi drivers in the vicinity. And after you have pressed the "order" button, one of them will go directly to you.

How to choose the cheapest taxi in Simferopol?

Everyone who wants to book a taxi, Simferopol offers a huge selection. But how to get, for example, to the airport, really cheap, quickly and inexpensively? With Shark Taxi - easier
With an extensive fleet of vehicles, call the appropriate class of car online through the website or through the company's mobile application is not difficult..

Cars of economy and premium class, vans and even trucks. Choose any! And our taxi drivers know Simferopol just perfect.

Moreover, if you need a ride around the city, taking into account your specific needs (salon smoking room for a pet, etc.), it is - in Sharq. Because with us, you can always order the desired additional options you literally in a couple of clicks.
With Shark and our website you can in a matter of minutes to cause cars to meet guests at the airport or a cheap taxi, Simferopol driver is familiar as the back of his hand.

And, of course, all of these convenient and sometimes necessary functions are available as those who prefer to book a car online through the site, and prefer maximum mobility
Without exaggeration, we can say: Shark - the most convenient for customers taxi in Simferopol..

So if you need a taxi in Simferopol - a cheap and ready to quickly drop off in the city even in the airport, even for a business meeting - welcome to our website where you can book a car cheap - or download the app and enjoy a cheap and high-quality service with maximum comfort .