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Shark Taxi bonus program: invisible money and tangible benefits

Shark Taxi bonus program: invisible money and tangible benefits

But we are not standing still. And on the first of February, we made another important step towards our customers: Shark launched its own loyalty program.

The launch of the bonus program for clients took place without unnecessary officialdom and aplomb: in the best traditions of Shark Taxi. After all, we always strive to prove the quality of our service in practice, which means that we let our customers evaluate for themselves how valuable our innovations are for them.

We are firmly convinced that no amount of praise of our services can replace the genuine quality of service, which the client is able to assess independently by contacting us.

But tell us a little more about the launch of the loyalty program. Indeed, for people who use our taxi services more or less regularly, it can save a lot of money.

Now each client, upon completing a trip on any Shark Taxi vehicle, receives 5% of the amount spent on the trip to a special bonus account tied to his phone number.

And this “invisible money” tends to accumulate much faster than you might notice. And after a few orders, you can already ride for free. To do this, you need the amount on the bonus account to be equal to or higher than the cost of your trip.

But, of course, you don't have to guess whether the accumulated bonus currency is enough for you or not. Indeed, in the personal account of the Shark Taxi proprietary application, with the help of which orders are carried out, complete information about all your orders is stored. So you always know how much you can ride for free.

Considering that this is only the first of the company's pleasant "chips" planned for implementation, you can be sure that Shark Taxi in the very near future will offer customers other equally interesting ways to make cooperation with the company even more pleasant and profitable.

In the meantime, the new bonus system is a clear demonstration of how much our company cares about each of its clients. And that if you need a fast and reliable car, the best choice today is Shark.