Shark Taxi to not only

Advertising series of taxi Shark


Today Shark Taxi at the hearing, not only residents of the Crimea. Every year more and more tourists choose us. And no wonder.

It is a new approach, which allowed to make our services as accessible as possible, guaranteed quality service, maximum convenience and the opportunity for a few seconds to call a taxi at any time of the day ...

List the obvious advantages can be very long.

Advertising series of taxi Shark

However, as it turned out, in spite of the popularity of Shark not everyone is aware of how tremendous opportunities open to our customers.

And to blame ourselves. In an effort to give full attention to each of those who come to us, we have for too long treated only one commercials.

As a result - many aspects of our work remain "behind the scenes".

Advertising series of taxi Shark

But we are ready to rectify the situation as soon as possible. It is already getting ready for our second clip. In total there will be seven: this mini-series will fully disclose to the consumer all of our features in a simple, fun and - most importantly - informative form.

Advertising series of taxi Shark

And you can be sure that we approached the issue responsibly and thoroughness. In the video, you will soon be able to evaluate in person, employed as many as 15 actors who worked for the sake of creating a video for a few tens of seconds for three days.

So do not miss the premiere. After all, we have tried to create something more than just advertising.

Advertising series of taxi Shark

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