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Advertising series from taxi Shark

Advertising series from taxi Shark

It can take a long time to list the obvious benefits.

However, as it turned out, with all the popularity of Shark, not everyone is aware of how amazing opportunities open up for our customers.

And we ourselves are to blame for this. In an effort to pay maximum attention to each of those who apply to us, we have been getting along with just one commercial for too long.

As a result, many aspects of our work were left behind the scenes.

But we are ready to rectify the situation in the very near future. After all, our second video is already being prepared for release. And there will be seven of them in total: such a mini-series will allow us to fully reveal to the consumer all our features in a simple, fascinating and - most importantly - informative form.

And you can be sure: we approached the issue with all responsibility and scrupulousness. The video, which you will soon be able to evaluate personally, involved as many as 15 actors who worked to create a video for several tens of seconds for three whole days.

So don't miss the premiere. After all, we tried to create something more than just advertising.